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Rage of Bahamut Genesis: Season 1 Review


Rage of Bahamut: Genesis is the anime series loosely based on the Mobile CCG, Rage of Bahamut, published by Mobage and developed by Cygames. The story follows the character Favaroooooooooooooooo! as he travels with a half-demon named Amira on a quest to find the land of Helheim. As an adventure anime, Rage of Bahumut has a lot of strengths, and as a comedy, it somehow works. I had first heard about Rage of Bahamut back in 2012 when it was a new Mobage game, back when I was playing Monster Rancher on my old Galaxy S2. The company, Mobage, have an English language version of their game service (and in my opinion, it’s a lot more robust than the Japanese … Continue reading

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