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Zelda Informer, Press-Start, and more, possibly lying about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Over the early weekend, a few websites had published some rather interesting articles about this years EB Games Expo and Nintendo’s upcoming video game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The rumours come sourced to a nameless anonymous source at the Expo claiming that fans that have purchased four Zelda games and have proof of purchasing these games at an EB Games store, that they will be able to play a demo build of Breath of the Wild. Obviously, this sounds like a terrible PR move and no sane person at Nintendo would have authorised this kind of move. But still, we have reached out to Nintendo for verification just the same. Below is their response, quoted. Thank … Continue reading

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Developer Digital Homicide Suing Jim Sterling, former-Destructoid Journalist


Very recently, the video game development studio, Digital Homicide, has engaged in a lawsuit against the big-man former-Destructoid journalist, Jim Sterling (real name: James Nicholas Stanton). The lawsuit is in regards to what the developers believe is Jim Sterling publishing false allegations towards them and inciting a mob to attack, harass and possibly endanger the developers and their family. Below is an excerpt from their page detailing why they are going ahead with their lawsuit. I have been falsely accused of: Stealing artwork Stealing assets Flipping projects with no work put in Doxing Had products misrepresented with intention to do damage Of illegally using another companies name Conducting illegal business activities Impersonating someone Being¬†incompetent and unable to perform my job … Continue reading

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Tim Schafer Apologises For Remarks About #GamerGate and #NotYourShield


Or at least that’s how we would like this headline to read. A couple of days ago, Tim Schafer was host to an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, over on Reddit. In this AMA, a user named AnotonioOfVenice had asked a question to Tim Schafer asking about if he regretted attacking women and minorities in a joke made at last years CDC. Do you regret the way you attacked and mocked women and minorities with your sockpuppet? The developer responds claiming that he did not attack women and minorities at all and was only making implications that the people using the #gamergate and #notyourshield hashtags were known to be sockpuppets. Or at least, that’s the interpretation that I came out … Continue reading

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Attack On Gaming’s 2015 Game of the Year Awards


The year of 2015 is now over, and, as such, it is time for the Attack On Gaming 2015 Game of the Year Awards. If a game was chosen for this list, it was eligible for the Game of the Year according to us. See below for each category and its winner. — Game that proves that game journos do not control buying habits of the year: HuniePop http://attackongaming.com/reviews/huniepop-review-adult-content-warning/ — Game that excited us the most while standing on a bridge of the year: Dying Light http://attackongaming.com/reviews/dying-light-xbox-one-review/ — Fighting game of the year: Dead or Alive: Last Round http://attackongaming.com/reviews/dead-or-alive-last-round-xbox-one-review/ — Desert RPG of the year: Atelier Shallie: Alchemists of the Dusk Sea http://attackongaming.com/reviews/atelier-shallie-alchemists-of-the-dusk-sea-ps3-review/ — Battlefield game of the year: Battlefield … Continue reading

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The Play-Asia DOAX3 Salt-Mine Provides Much Insight


Earlier, we released an article where Play-Asia (playasia.com) had suggested that the reason Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 was not being localised was because of “SJW nonsense”. While we personally probably wouldn’t have run that particular tweet in such tough terms ourselves, seeing another company do this has provided a tonne of insight into the western gaming news reporting and PR sphere. In particular, the views of the people within them. Below, I have accumulated a representative portion of people within gaming development, PR, journalism, as well as some technical people that appear important. I’ll let their own words speak for themselves. We do not support or condone the views of the people linked below. They represent themselves and their … Continue reading

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Play Asia Confirms Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Will Not Be Localised


In a recent tweet by the games retailer, Play Asia, it was confirmed that Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be having localised versions at all. This might seem like a disappointment to western fans, but the Asian version of the game will have English subtitles. The original tweet was to point out the reason why the game has no English localisation, which is, in their words, “due to #SJW nonsense”. It looks like the culture wars in gaming, culture wars propogated by sites like Kotaku, culminating in the creation of the #GamerGate pushback, is finally having a lasting effect on the gaming industry for the negative. Soon, the western market might be seen as too toxic for Japanese … Continue reading

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Attack On Development: Battlestation Harbinger Developer Has Entitlement Complex


Yesterday, an article from a games developer appeared on the gaming news website, Polygon, as an opinion piece. This piece is titled: “The mobile games market is an absolute mess, thanks to¬†you”, and is written by Aksel Junkilla, CEO of BugByte. In this article, he effectively blames gamers for the lack of success that his game has seen on the mobile market, despite it being shilled by both Apple and Google. You can find the original article here, or the archive here. Below we’ll be discussing, responding and possibly even countering the original author and their entitlement complex. A mobile game my team and I poured our hearts and souls into is receiving rave reviews from users. The game, Battlestation: … Continue reading

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