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GAMING PR: Gravity Rush 2 Release Date Update

Gravity Rush 2, a game I have been excited to pick up this year, will no longer be releasing in 2016. Here’s a short post with the new releases date. — Today on the PlayStation Blog, Gravity Rush series director Keiichiro Toyama updated the community that the decision has been made to delay the launch of Gravity Rush 2 until 18th January 2017. To thank fans for their patience with the delay, the premium DLC planned for Gravity Rush 2 will be released free of charge. This additional story takes place in the world of Gravity Rush 2 which fans will be sure to enjoy. Please visit the PlayStation Blog to read the full update: https://blog.eu.playstation.com/2016/10/06/gravity-rush-2-will-now-launch-on-18th-january-2017/

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GAMING PR: Gravity Rush 2 drops onto PS4 on 30th November

Gravity Rush 2, the sequel to the Playstation Vita game Gravity Rush, will be releasing in Australia on November 30 for the PlayStation 4. — PlayStation Australia is pleased to announce that the action-packed PlayStation 4 exclusive, Gravity Rush 2, will arrive on consoles in Australia this year on 30 November 2016. Gravity Rush 2 marks the return of gravity shifters Kat and Raven (now a powerful ally), ex-cop Syd, and introduces a bevy of new characters. The first new face to join the expansive world of Gravity Rush 2 is a mysterious guardian angel who shows up to help Kat when she’s in a bind, quickly dispensing of a group of pesky Nevi enemies. Angel is a superheroine with … Continue reading

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