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Attack On: John Carmacks Departure From id – A Small Rant On Zenimax


Very recently, John Carmack left id Software to pursue his latest obsession in VR technology with the Occulus Rift. It seems that the reason for his departure from the iconic company is because of both Bethesda’s and id’s parent company, ZeniMax, didn’t seem to like the idea of pursuing HMD content in their games, which is something that John Carmack is very interested in adopting. What makes this particular case interesting is that Carmack is the co-founder of id Software, and he is also a key member on the Occulus Rift team. This is not something that we would find unusual for the programmer, as he seems to have always been at the forefront of the latest in gaming technology. … Continue reading

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QuakeLive Standalone Client is out now! Has Issues.


The latest QuakeLive build, the standalone version, is finally out. This makes the web browser based game a standalone feature that doesn’t require a web browser to play. However, according to a recent news post, there are still a few issues for some users that the team are working on fixing. See the full post below: The following are known issues and that we are currently working to resolve within the QUAKE LIVE installer, launcher, and standalone client. Known Issues: Launcher: Auto-login reports missing email address. Standalone “Old” integrated Intel cards are unable to render the webview, resulting in a blackscreen with console access. We are working to identify which models and generations of cards may be effected. – Intel … Continue reading

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QuakeLive Upgrading To Executable Soon


In a forum post on the QuakeLive forums, the administrator “SyncError”, released a statement about the game ditching the web browser platform and going live as an executable. The cause for this change is due to changes in web browser environments no longer supporting certain kinds of plugins, which QuakeLive is running from at this stage. For full details check out the forum post here.  

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