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Funbag Fantasy [Adult Content Warning] Review


Funbag Fantasy, or Kyonyuu Fantasy, is developed by Waffle and is a game about big boobs. Or rather, it’s a game with a medieval fantasy setting with a main protagonist that has a thing for big breasted women and all the women that he happens to encounter all have big breasts. From the outset, it seems as though Funbag Fantasy is a game for those that are a fan of the… funbags, and a lot of the H-scenes focus heavily on this aspect of the body. Expect lots of paizuri/ boob-jobs. Lute, the protagonist, is the worst ranked member of the Knight Academy. His grades are so low that the story begins with him being refused entry into the castle … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: MangaGamer Releases The House in Fata Morgana!


The House in Fata Morgana is out! Check out the details below. — May 13th, 2016–MangaGamer Releases The House in Fata Morgana! Obsession. Sadism. Avarice. Zealotry. Death. A recipe for horror heaped upon tragedy. And the paving stones of the road to the House in Fata Morgana. But is it a road to revenge and damnation? Or redemption and salvation? This exquisite gothic suspense will leave readers questioning human nature, the merits of vengeance versus forgiveness, and the meaning of struggles against adversity. With 65 different musical tracks by five composers and a beautiful gothic art style, The House in Fata Morgana breathes life into its merciless tales of trials and tribulations–tales which come together to create a fresco for all readers to … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: MangaGamer Announces their Fall Sale plus Kara no Shojo and Cartagra Bundle!


MangaGamer are having a “Fall” sale. Check out some great bargains while they’re still around. See below for details. — October 16th, 2015–MangaGamer is proud to announce the start of their Fall Sale! Fall is upon us and Halloween is coming up soon (along with the release of Kara no Shojo – The Second Episode!) so we thought a sale was in order. From now through the end of the month a number of our titles are 25-55% off! We’ve also created a new bundle featuring both Cartarga and Kara no Shojo together for only $59.95! With Kara no Shojo – The Second Episode releasing in just two weeks, now’s your best chance to catch up on the mystery! Order the bundle today … Continue reading

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