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Medaka Box Abnormal Review


As we’ve previously seen, Medaka Box is the story of a strange highschool’s Student Council President, Medaka, and her Student Council as they help to reform problematic students and take on requests from the Medaka Box. This second (and final) season of Medaka Box sees the group taking on the challenge of finding out what all these “Abnormal” students are up to as part of a grand experiment known as the Flask Plan. This particular season is much more action orientated and more story focused than the previous and is something that viewers may find interesting. In Abnormal, the lore between the three types of humans is explored much more in-depth along the main story during the season. In Medaka … Continue reading

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Medaka Box Season One Review


The premise of Medaka Box is simple, the student council must complete any request put before it via the “Suggestion Box”. However, such a seemingly innocent enough premise can quickly take a turn for the funniest, or the worst, when some of the requests turn out to be a little more than expected. This means that the show can go from an action series, to a comedy and even to something more sinister within the span of a few episodes. The Anime series is animated by Gainax, and based off of the Manga series by Nisio Isin, so you know that you’re definitely in for a strange, yet interesting, ride. In Medaka Box, the student council initially starts off as … Continue reading

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Anime PR: Hanabee’s WAICON Announcements


Over the weekend at the WAICON convention, Hanabee announced a few new titles that they will be releasing in Australia down the line. See below for the list of announced titles. ALSO YESSSSSSSSSS — Hanabee is proud to license the following titles : RELEASE DATE FOR BOTH: 4TH JUNE 2014   Medaka Box (SRP$59.99 DVD & SRP$64.99 BD) 12 Episodes|2 discs. Dual Audio   Nekomonogatari Black  (SRP$TBA DVD & SRP$TBA BD) 4 Episodes|1 discs. Japanese Audio and English Subtitles   More details will be released after Waicon, and no further titles will be announced at Aicon.

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