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Supipara – Chapter #01 – The Spring Has Come Review


Supipara is a kinetic-style Visual Novel from developer Minori that focuses on a highschool student named Yukinari Sanada that has returned home to his hometown of Kamakura City due to his mother coming out of a multi-year coma. Much like any Japanese developed Visual Novel, Supipara has all of the bells-and-whistles of voice acting, animations and a fun story. Is this for everyone? Maybe. There are a few themes that only older audiences could appreciate to the fullest. The story in Supipara begins with Yukinari arriving into his hometown of Kamakura City and meeting with his rather strange cousin, Sakura. While here, we quickly learn that their relationship is kinda strange in that Yukinari used to live with Sakura briefly … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: PRESS RELEASE: Minori Announces New title With MangaGamer at Anime Expo!


Aww yeah! More VN news! — July 6th, 2016–Minori Announces New title With MangaGamer at Anime Expo! At his Monday Q&A panel during Anime Expo 2016, Nobukazu (nbkz) Sakai announced minori’s next Visual Novel project: Trinoline ~LL Move~. This was the world’s first ever mention of this new title under development by minori. During the panel, nbkz also expressed his desire to make Trinoline an international release, and his plans to ask those of us at MangaGamer to handle the localization while the game is still in development, with goals to make the time gap between Japanese and English releases as small as possible. Current development plans are setting early 2017 as the target release date for Trinoline. The announcement … Continue reading

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