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Tim Schafer Apologises For Remarks About #GamerGate and #NotYourShield


Or at least that’s how we would like this headline to read. A couple of days ago, Tim Schafer was host to an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, over on Reddit. In this AMA, a user named AnotonioOfVenice had asked a question to Tim Schafer asking about if he regretted attacking women and minorities in a joke made at last years CDC. Do you regret the way you attacked and mocked women and minorities with your sockpuppet? The developer responds claiming that he did not attack women and minorities at all and was only making implications that the people using the #gamergate and #notyourshield hashtags were known to be sockpuppets. Or at least, that’s the interpretation that I came out … Continue reading

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Tim Schafer Makes Racist Joke At GDC – Our Response


Edit: Tim may have apologised for this joke since this article was published. – http://attackongaming.com/gaming-talk/tim-schafer-apologises-for-remarks-about-gamergate-and-notyourshield/ If you’ve paid any attention to the video games industry at all since the early days you’ve probably heard of a gaming legend named Tim Schafer. Tim’s biggest achievements are from Adventure games from his Lucas Arts tenure such as Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island. Since then he has gone on to work for his own studio Double Fine where they produce video games that go extremely over-budget and promise things that aren’t delivered or are changed at the last minute. Finding time away from developing games, Tim has recently attended the Game Developers Conference over in the U.S.A where … Continue reading

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Attack On ABC: #Gamergate: Female gamers and developers threatened with rape, murder as online row rages


The whole GamerGate controversy is essentially a consumer revolt wherein gamers of all walks of life, be it nice guys, hardcore, casual, feminist, MRAs, minorities, majorities, aliens, women, trans, and everything else that we’ve missed, have taken to empowering themselves and Tweeting about their outrage through a hashtag called #GamerGate. The hashtag itself was coined by Adam Baldwin after the watergate incident after he came across some videos detailing sexual corruption within gaming journalism, which is an accurate allegory to watergate. Recently, as a part of their terrible coverage of this campaign, the ABC in Australia have published a news article where they talk to a video game developer of some kind about some of the harassment that they’ve received. … Continue reading

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#GamerGate Has Amalgamated #NotYourShield


Over the past few days, the #Gamergate movement has prompted a kind of backlash by its followers called #Notyourshield. The #NYS hashtag was made as a way to show that the gaming media are against #Gamergate, it’s minority followers and a supposed misogyny that is apparently carried within. The #GamerGate movement is known best as a beacon of upset gamers at the lack of transparency and alleged corruption within the gaming media, however, this has not stopped detractors from suggesting that it is a tag of misconduct. #NotYourShield is basically groups considered ‘minorities’ claiming that they do not like being the media’s shield. They do not like being used to deflect the issue of corruption. What’s interesting now is that … Continue reading

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