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QuakeLive Upgrading To Executable Soon


In a forum post on the QuakeLive forums, the administrator “SyncError”, released a statement about the game ditching the web browser platform and going live as an executable. The cause for this change is due to changes in web browser environments no longer supporting certain kinds of plugins, which QuakeLive is running from at this stage. For full details check out the forum post here.  

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How To Improve Your Team In FPS Games


This is dedicated to that one gamer that actually found our site through Google searching for this particular article. As you might remember, we once published a topic on improving your chances in FPS games with a short list of Strategies and Tactics that would bring you closer to victory against your opponents. This particular article though, will be things that you can do get your team moving in a more synchronous manner, ensuring victory and greatness in any match. For reference, these tactics are based on Public games and not Clan matches with seasoned vets. The following is a short list of advice that will go well in FPS games, but can easily be adapted into other genres with … Continue reading

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FPS Gaming Advice And Tactics


FPS games are easily the most favoured game type in the gaming community today, regardless of platform (except for handheld which does not lend itself well to the style). The FPS genre is currently overly flooded in our honest opinion, so it’s only natural that players will want to be the best that they can be with a skillset that carries itself across all games. This will serve as a guide for some basic tactics that will see you playing ahead of the curve based on years of tactical and arena based FPS gaming. I will however leave a disclaimer at the top here. While these tactics will work, they will probably not get you to the top tiers by … Continue reading

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