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Lightning Warrior Raidy III Review [Adult Content Warning]


Lightning Warrior Raidy III is the third game in the Lightning Warrior Raidy series of games. The series originally appeared in the early 90s as Ikazuchi no Senshi Raidy in 1994. Since then, the dungeon crawling hentai RPG has had a few remakes with better graphics and is now on its third installment. The previous two Raidy games had players completing dungeons and unlocking hentai scenes, and while this third game follows the same formula, it differs in that it has a new transformation mechanic for the player to utilise. The storyline in Raidy III is that the main character, Raidy, had just finished up some business in the last game where she had stopped some kind of great evil … Continue reading

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JAST USA Anime Expo Announcements


So we recently received the announcements that JAST USA made at Anime Expo. They’re announcing a few new games: Flowers – Spring Arc, Communication with Sonico, Raidy 3 (which has been released), Shiny Days, and, Seinarukana. Here is the details for each game: Flowers: Flowers -Spring Arc, developed by Innocent Grey, the studio known for making the Kara no Shoujo series. Instead of the gory tone taken in their previous titles Flowers takes a much tamer tone. It is a mystery story that takes place in Saint Angraecum Academy; an all girls boarding school in the middle of a deep forest, and surrounded by tall walls. Our main character Suou applies because of the academy’s experimental “Amitie” program. Students are … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: JAST USA Announces Summer Release of Lightning Warrior Raidy 3


This collectors set for Lightning Warrior Raidy 3 looks pretty sweet. Check out the details for the release below. — JAST USA Announces Summer Release of Lightning Warrior Raidy 3 SAN DIEGO (May 1, 2015)– JAST USA, Co. today announced the summer release of their upcoming title Raidy 3, available for the first time outside of Japan, for Windows PC. The third installment of the popular “Lightning Warrior Raidy” series is the best one yet! The popular 90’s hentai dungeon crawler RPG continues in its third installment with beautiful new graphics and animated scenes. The game’s battle system has also been updated with the new “fusion” mechanic, allowing Raidy to merge her body and mind with her companions , gaining their strength in battle. This allows for … Continue reading

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