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Tim Schafer Apologises For Remarks About #GamerGate and #NotYourShield


Or at least that’s how we would like this headline to read. A couple of days ago, Tim Schafer was host to an AMA, or Ask Me Anything, over on Reddit. In this AMA, a user named AnotonioOfVenice had asked a question to Tim Schafer asking about if he regretted attacking women and minorities in a joke made at last years CDC. Do you regret the way you attacked and mocked women and minorities with your sockpuppet? The developer responds claiming that he did not attack women and minorities at all and was only making implications that the people using the #gamergate and #notyourshield hashtags were known to be sockpuppets. Or at least, that’s the interpretation that I came out … Continue reading

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Reddit Becomes The Censorship Zone


While we were playing Star Wars The Old Republic sleeping last night, something rather bizarre happened over on the Reddits. Reddit is known as one of the biggest free-speech zones on the internet and is seen as more respectable than its anonymous counterparts, 4Chan and 8chan. This bizarre thing happens to involve the free-speech zone of Reddit in that the site is now removing subreddits that it deems harassment zones, certainly curtailing free-speech and censoring the discussions of many legitimate users. The first officially announced subreddit to be removed was the subreddit /r/fatpeoplehate, which certainly sounds like a harassing forum. However, the team had also removed five other subreddits without actually mentioning which subreddits that they were.  Even more concerning … Continue reading

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“Reddit Mod” Outs Reddit For Censorship During GamerGate


In an audio log, a self-proclaimed Moderator of the popular mega-forum, Reddit, announced that they were indeed censoring the whole GamerGate debacle. In the logs, he mentions a few key points on how the banning has been pretty much automated in order to maximise the efficiency of the banning. On Reddit, this process is known as ‘Shadowbanning’ and can be done on a user and IP level. See below for relevant quotes: 10:30 “I was told if I released this I would be marked as someone who was helping in the distribution of child pornography on Reddit.” 36:30 I know that there is automated code that exists to shadowban users from the website 40:00 the automod has filters that will … Continue reading

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