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Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning Review [Adult Content Warning]

There are times where, after a long day at work, the only thought flooding your mind is to sit down in a nice chair, grab the controller (or keyboard and mouse) and just enjoy some video gaming R&R. Sometimes, a visual novel is all it takes to wind you down. In order to experience such a feeling, there must be a compelling story, with interesting characters and excellent dialogue and writing. Beautiful visuals and an inspiring soundtrack are also a must. For Gakhthun of the Golden Lightning, written by Sakurai Hikaru, developed by Lair Soft and published in English by MangaGamer, it seems it’s a big mash up of great moments mixed in with dull and boring moments. The writing … Continue reading

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Bakemonogatari Part 2 Blu-Ray Review


Bakemonogatari is easily one of the more popular Anime series from the animation studio SHAFT. The quirky series follows the character Araragi as he solves mysteries that regularly intersect with the supernatural. The first half of the series saw Araragi come face-to-face with a crab-god and even doing battle with a cursed monkey hand. The second part of the series continues this fashion of oddity. What’s interesting about the story in Bakemonogatari is that it has a bunch of smaller stories, or arcs, spread sequentially across all of the episodes, rather than having one really long story arc. Each storyline tends to be a random number of episodes in length but generally follow a kind of pattern. After watching the … Continue reading

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Reviews Section

If you’re reading this, you’ve found your way to our currently empty reviews section. At the moment, Attack On Gaming, doesn’t have any backing from any big publishers– so all reviews that we do will be done in our free time. Of course, as a rule, we will be focusing our reviews on how fun a game actually is, rather than simply rewriting the instruction booklet… unlike every other media publication. Don’t be distressed if you see a game on our site with a score that you completely disagree with. Our reviews are completely subjective based on our experiences, as well as as rather hilarious rule that will never be spoken of publically on this site. This is unless the … Continue reading

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