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Sonicomi: Communication With Sonico Review


Sonicomi is the visual novel and photography simulator developed by Nitroplus+ and published into English by JAST. The title features Nitroplus+’ own mascot character, Super Sonico, as she teams up with the player to become a successful gravure model. Sonicomi, as a visual novel, does a lot of familiar things with the genre, but presents them in a new and interesting manner. Even more, there are some gameplay elements to the story, involving the player actively taking photographs of the character to earn points. As a marketing point, Jessica Nigri stars in the English adaptation of the script, although the original (and preferable) voice actress, Ayano Yamamoto, also takes the mantle of the character in the Japanese voice overs. The … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: JAST USA Announces Golden Master of Sonicomi


JAST USA have announced that SoniComi has just had its golden master released, and so it will be available for purchase very soon. SoniComi is best known for featuring Nitro+’s popular Sonico character. For the English release, players will have the option for choosing between the original Japanese voice actress, or the English voice actress, Jessica Nigri. See below for more details. — JAST USA Announces Golden Master of Sonicomi SAN DIEGO (June 13th 2016)– JAST USA, Co. today announced that Sonicomi has gone “Golden Master” and is headed for release. This JAST USA release of Sonicomi improves on the original Japanese PC game with updated graphics including higher resolution textures and advanced graphic options. Also new to this release is the addition of an English … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: JAST USA Announces English Dub Option for Sonicomi


The busty goddess Jessica Nigri is voicing Sonico. See below for details. — JAST USA Announces English Dub Option for Sonicomi  SAN DIEGO (April 8th 2016)– JAST USA, Co. today announced that their release of Sonicomi is getting an English voice option. The English dub will be by Jessica Nigri, who voiced Sonico in Super Sonico The Animation. The game have both Jessica’s English dub and the original Japanese voice included in the game so that fans can select their prefered voice language. Sonicomi is currently available for pre-order in Limited and Collectors editions, for more information visit Sonicomi.com About Sonicomi Super Sonico is a cheerful, hardworking college student and amateur musician who’s about to make her modeling debut. As her personal photographer you will be responsible for growing Sonico’s image, … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: JAST USA Announces Game Pre-orders


JAST USA have announced that they will be doing pre-orders for a few upcoming games. These are: Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico, Seinarukana, and, Aselia the Eternal. See below for full details. — SAN DIEGO (ed. probably the 28th or 29th)– JAST USA, Co. is pleased to announce that Sonicomi, and Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- are up for preorder. Furthermore, Aselia the Eternal is now on Steam Greenlight! Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico Sonicomi is an amazing multi styled game that is part visual novel and part ‘FPS’ style picture taking fun. As her photographer you’ll need to choose shoot locations, and outfits and then score points by shooting photos in an FPS-style photography session. You must also lift her … Continue reading

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JAST USA Anime Expo Announcements


So we recently received the announcements that JAST USA made at Anime Expo. They’re announcing a few new games: Flowers – Spring Arc, Communication with Sonico, Raidy 3 (which has been released), Shiny Days, and, Seinarukana. Here is the details for each game: Flowers: Flowers -Spring Arc, developed by Innocent Grey, the studio known for making the Kara no Shoujo series. Instead of the gory tone taken in their previous titles Flowers takes a much tamer tone. It is a mystery story that takes place in Saint Angraecum Academy; an all girls boarding school in the middle of a deep forest, and surrounded by tall walls. Our main character Suou applies because of the academy’s experimental “Amitie” program. Students are … Continue reading

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