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Dead End Junction Review

Dead End Junction is an interesting take on the Wild West. Developed by sole member of 773, Hizuma (with help from others) and published by Culture Select for the Western market, Dead End Junction turns out to be a good visual novel. It centres around Josette, a free spirit looking for adventure. She finds it after discovering her father’s past. There is a good story, great characters, a decent soundtrack and an unique art style, but there are some flaws which are hard to ignore. The visual novel centres around Josette, an orphan living with her uncle in the town of Cow Stone Bell. As with most young protagonists, she is tired with her lifestyle in the small town. Instead, … Continue reading

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Anima: Gate of Memories Review (PlayStation 4)

Anima: Gate of Memories is a Kickstarter project based on the Spanish tabletop RPG Anima: Beyond Fantasy developed by Anima Project. In this action RPG, players control two characters; the Bearer and Ergo, as they attempt to retrieve an artifact known as the Byblos. Despite the ambitions of the development team and their passion to deliver the best product they can, Anima Gate of Memories turns out to be a mediocre experience. While the lore of the world, combined with the decent graphics and sound, turns out to be very creative and combat is surprisingly well thought out, the game suffers from frustrating platforming, a uncooperative camera, a dull narrative and uninteresting characters. In Anima: Gate of Memories, two members … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: The Hour Draws Close: ClockWork Heads to Steam Greenlight


Full disclosure, I’ve met one of the developers for this game at a social gathering between friends. As such I will abstain from commenting on the game. See below for details. —   The Hour Draws Close: ClockWork Heads to Steam Greenlight Today Australian-made time-bending platform game announces Steam Greenlight campaign and release window. Sydney, Australia – July 12, 2016 – Gamesoft, an Australian development studio based in Sydney, is thrilled to announce that its debut game, ClockWork, is heading to Steam Greenlight [http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=722177538] in anticipation of a full release. Fans are encouraged to get behind ClockWork and support the pre-release campaign with up-votes before ClockWork is approved and launches on PC and Mac in Q3 2016. A beautiful, atmospheric … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: MangaGamer Releases Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning on Steam, Uncensored


MangaGamer released Gahkthun of Golden Lightning the other day on Steam. Make sure to check out our review. — April 15th, 2016–Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning comes to Steam! MangaGamer has just released Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning on Steam uncensored, following it’s original, limited release on MangaGamer.com. The story of Gahkthun is an exciting tale of steam-punk fiction, which follows Nikola Tesla in a 19th century world drawing on the Lovecraft mythos. Armed with his electrical inventions and keen intellect, Tesla infiltrates an academy city, The Academia, in pursuit of secret society that is using the students to develop and test fearsome new technological powers. Written by Sakurai Hikaru, author of Fate/Prototype, Gakkougurashi, Game of Laplace, and Fate/Extella, Gahkthun holds … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: PRESS RELEASE: Valve and MangaGamer.com Breaking Down Barriers With The Uncensored Steam Release of Kindred Spirits on the Roof


MangaGamer somehow secured the rights to hosting the first ever uncensored game on Steam. This is interesting in and of itself. Check out the details below. — September 1st, 2015 — Valve and MangaGamer.com Break Down Barriers With Upcoming Uncensored Steam Release of Kindred Spirits on the Roof MangaGamer.com has just announced that one of their latest acquisitions, Kindred Spirits on the Roof, first presented at Otakon 2015, will also be released on Steam. General Manager of MangaGamer.com Koji Hotta stated, “We’ve always been proud of our work at MangaGamer.com and seeing the industry move in a socially progressive direction is motivating.” The story of Kindred Spirits focuses on a lesbian relationship between two ghost girls who haunt an all-girls … Continue reading

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Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Regia Review

It’s interesting reviewing a visual novel for the first time. As someone who does love to read a lot of fantasy, the visual novel should be an genre worth exploring. Littlewitch Romanesque Editio Regia is definitely a great introduction to the visual novel genre. The story focuses on an archmage and his two students exploring a Dark Tower, full of magic and secrets. The story is excellent, the main trio are well developed and the art style is amazing. With such a world to explore, it becomes an enjoyable experience for a first time visual novel player. The story focuses on three central characters. One of these characters is the archmage Domino. He has the desire to explore a building … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: Come Get Some: 3D Realms Anthology Offers 32 Classic Games on Steam


So 3D Realms have released a mega pack containing all of their classics on Steam. There are a fair few games on offer here. Check out the details below. — Come get some! The 3D Realms Anthology is now available on Steam for PC and Mac for a limited-time price of $29.99, normally $39.99. The collection contains 32 revolutionary games, which — if purchased individually — would run more than $120. Here’s the list: Alien Carnage / Halloween Harry Arctic Adventure Balls of Steel Bio Menace Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Blake Stone: Planet Strike Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure Crystal Caves Dark Ages Death Rally Duke Nukem Duke Nukem 2 Duke Nukem 3D Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Hocus Pocus Major Stryker Math … Continue reading

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