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Supipara – Chapter #01 – The Spring Has Come Review


Supipara is a kinetic-style Visual Novel from developer Minori that focuses on a highschool student named Yukinari Sanada that has returned home to his hometown of Kamakura City due to his mother coming out of a multi-year coma. Much like any Japanese developed Visual Novel, Supipara has all of the bells-and-whistles of voice acting, animations and a fun story. Is this for everyone? Maybe. There are a few themes that only older audiences could appreciate to the fullest. The story in Supipara begins with Yukinari arriving into his hometown of Kamakura City and meeting with his rather strange cousin, Sakura. While here, we quickly learn that their relationship is kinda strange in that Yukinari used to live with Sakura briefly … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: MangaGamer Releases Supipara Chapter 1!


This has been out for a couple of days now. Who has it? — July 29th, 2016–MangaGamer Releases Supipara Chapter 1!   From minori, the creators of ef ~a fairy tale of the two, and the highly-acclaimed eden* comes a brand new experience: Supipara ~Alice the Magical Conducter! Spring has come, and while many happy, exciting events await Yukinari Sanada, there’s more than meets the eye in his life. Why does the witch, Alice, know him so well? Why are he and his mother both missing memories? All questions that will be addressed over the course of the series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRrTd5_mYJk Supipara – Alice the Magical Conductor. is a kinetic novel themed around “dynamicism” depicted through a rallying all of the production … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: PRESS RELEASE: MangaGamer Announces New Acquisitions at Otakon!


Over the weekend at Otakon, no, not the MGS character, MangaGamer announced a plethora of new titles. Check out the details below. — July 24th, 2015–Today we at MangaGamer are proud to announce five new acquisitions at Otakon! Our first announcement for tonight is the successful funding of Supipara Chapter 1! With the minori fundraiser already past $100k, we’re moving onward toward our goal for funding Supipara Chapter 2 and the rest of the series while getting the first chapter of this fun, all-ages story ready for launch on Steam! Finally back in his hometown after seven years of being passed between relatives, Yukinari Sanada’s hopes for a quiet, peaceful life are shattered when his close friend coaxes him into … Continue reading

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