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How to Become a Professional Video Game Artist Panel – SMASH! 2016


Today at the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, convention, there was a panel at the mini-stage about becoming a video game artist and get some work in the industry. The panel was hosted by Katie Huang who has been working for 7 years as an artist and has vast experience making games in many games and currently works with Blowfish Studios. The panel showcased a lot of her work and advice for convention-goers to take in and use to help get their start in the industry. Apologies if this article is a bit weird to read, I was trying to get as much info out as easily as possible while she was talking. Katie Huang started her work … Continue reading

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Ai-pon, Nonaka Ai Q&A Panel – SMASH! 2016


“My name is Nonoka Ai, please call me Aipon. A. I . P. O. N.” This was going to be a fun panel, I could tell. Nonoka Ai, the voice actress known for a few roles, but probably most predominantly as Kyoko from Madoka Magica. Straight out of the door were some interesting questions like why she wanted to become a voice actress, which she responded that she wanted to meet YuYu Hakusho. There was another question where she was asked about some excersises she does for her voice, to which she responded that she doesn’t drink and goes to sleep early. She’s pretty energetic. The first Live Dubbing scene was a scene from Gintama. It was the highly energetic … Continue reading

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Hideo Ishikawa Panel – SMASH! 2016


Today at the SMASH! 2016 convention, the voice actor most notable for their role as Itachi Uchiha in Naruto, Hideo Ishikawa, held a panel at the main stage. The panel began with a bit of a Q&A session for fans, and was then proceeded by a session of Live Dubbing where the voice actor read over some lines from a rather interesting scene from Naruto Shippudden. “I like to do other scenes, but this one felt much cooler!” he responded to a question about why he chose that particular scene. “That scene when he was young, I’m not good at acting when he is young.” After the crowd clapped, he was embarassed. “I am embarrassed.” He stated. After the Live … Continue reading

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Moments ago, the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or, SMASH! anime convention just opened its doors for the first day of the show this year. There’s probably a bit of a queue to get in still, but, much like any other year, it’s probably a blast once you’re inside. Check out our previous years coverage on what to expect.

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SMASH! In One Week! Get Pumped!


It looks like the SVG died when we converted it to .png. Pls SMASH! don’t use SVG, this isn’t 1992. It’s time to get PUMPED! The Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, is set for another big year this year with the convention starting next weekend at the Rosehill Racecourse in Rosehill. Taking a look at all the materials that the organisers of SMASH! have been sending us these past few weeks, and taking a look on their website, it is clear that this years will be a rather interesting treat. Of course, SMASH! has always been our favourite convention here, so be sure to take a look at our past coverage of the convention as to what to … Continue reading

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Dreamwalker Preview – SMASH! 2015


Dreamwalker is the upcoming touch based rhythm game from developer Hiroaki Yura and Creative Intelligence Arts. At this years SMASH!, or, Sydney Manga and Anime Show, we went hands-on with the title in a private session with Hiroaki Yura guiding us through. Dreamwalker is one part rhythm game, and one part cutscene storytelling, appearing on mobile platforms in the future. The storyline in Project Dreamwalker is quite simple. There is a brother and sister pair that have this strange ability to share their dreams together. In their shared dreams, they’re transported to this strange bedroom with a mysterious doorway that leads them on all kinds of different adventures. These adventures are completed by the player musically, where they must complete … Continue reading

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Project Phoenix Preview – SMASH! 2015


Project Phoenix is the upcoming isometric tactical role-playing game from Hiroaki Yura and his team at Creative Intelligence Arts. The title is being developed by an international team of gaming veterans for a variety of platforms, including the PC, Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, Android and iOS systems. The story looks like it involves a main character and his hatred of Orcs, and a band of characters that are joining him on hjis quest for their own reasons. At the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, this year, we managed to get some hands-on time with the title and Hiroaki Yura, the developer. In our playthrough of the game, we weren’t really shown anything of the games actual storyline, so … Continue reading

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