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Tearaway Unfolded Review (PS4)

Tearaway is easily one of the best PlayStation Vita titles available for the system. So it’s nice to see its bigger brother, the PlayStation 4, receiving the same game, albeit built from the ground up. Entitled Tearaway Unfolded, this remaster of the PlayStation Vita title follows a messenger on their task of sealing a hole between their world and ours. With solid gameplay, a sleuth of creative controls, a beautiful art style and customisation, Tearaway Unfolded turns out to be an excellent experience. It makes a very successful transition between the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4. At it’s core, Tearaway is a pretty straight forward platforming game. With most platforming games, the story is of little importance. But there … Continue reading

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Tearaway Unfolded, the PlayStation 4 reimagining of the excellent Playstation Vita game, will be receiving its own companion app for smartphones, tablets and the Playstation Vita itself. Check out all the details below, including a video from Media Molecule demonstrating the functionality of the companion app:   PlayStation has recently announced the new Tearaway Unfolded Companion App, available on day 1 when the game launches on Wednesday 9th September. The companion app works using the official PlayStation app, which can be download for free from app stores on smart phones and tablets. The Tearaway Unfolded Companion App can also be used on the PS4 link “second-screen” function using a PS Vita. To demonstrate the fun and new ways players will be … Continue reading

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Gaming PR: Tearaway Unfolded Release Date Announced


Tearaway was absolutely amazing on the Playstation Vita, so the PS4 version should also be a game worth playing. Check out the details below:   We are very excited to announce the launch date for Playstation 4 exclusive, Tearaway™ Unfolded for Wednesday 9 September and is available for pre-order from the PlayStation store now. Coming from Media Molecule, the studio responsible for Little Big Planet™ and Little Big Planet 2™, Tearaway Unfolded for PlayStation 4 is an expanded retelling of the BAFTA award-winning Tearaway. Tearaway Unfolded is a reimagined world inside your TV, with a bigger, more beautiful universe to explore and all new fourth-wall-busting ways to play. Building upon the original in-game camera mode with enhanced Photo Sharing, Tearaway Unfolded offers … Continue reading

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