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Gaming PR: MangaGamer Releases The House in Fata Morgana!


The House in Fata Morgana is out! Check out the details below. — May 13th, 2016–MangaGamer Releases The House in Fata Morgana! Obsession. Sadism. Avarice. Zealotry. Death. A recipe for horror heaped upon tragedy. And the paving stones of the road to the House in Fata Morgana. But is it a road to revenge and damnation? Or redemption and salvation? This exquisite gothic suspense will leave readers questioning human nature, the merits of vengeance versus forgiveness, and the meaning of struggles against adversity. With 65 different musical tracks by five composers and a beautiful gothic art style, The House in Fata Morgana breathes life into its merciless tales of trials and tribulations–tales which come together to create a fresco for all readers to … Continue reading

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