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Gaming PR: Join MangaGamer for a hot End of Summer Sale!


MangaGamer’s Summer Sale has only 1 week left! Check out their deals! We recommend pretty much everything on the list. — August 5th, 2016–Join MangaGamer for a hot End of Summer Sale! Summer’s almost over, but the heat’s still blazing and we’ve got some hot deals for you to kick off the last few weeks of the summer season! We’re offering up to 50% off on all of our latest and greatest titles, so don’t miss out on your chance to get a great deal on some of the best Visual Novels ever released! Sale ends on August 19th, so don’t wait! You can check out the full list of titles on sale at our Summer Sale page! Join us … Continue reading

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Kindred Spirits On The Roof Review (Adult Content Warning)

Kindred Spirits on the Roof was quite the surprise. Developed by Liar-soft and published in English by MangaGamer, Kindred Spirits on the Roof tells the story of two female ghosts who died without experiencing sex for the first time, mainly because they died at different times. With the help of a student, the trio bring together various women in order for the two ghosts to learn how two women have sex. Despite the premise, the story happens to be great, The characters are interesting, the art style is nice and the music is enjoyable. However, it does have a few issues. The visual novel revolves around Toomi Yuna, a second year student at Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy of Commerce. During lunch … Continue reading

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Meet Culture Select, The New Japanese Localisation Team Behind Wish


Culture Select is an up and coming company that we have high hopes for, as it seems that they’re planning on bringing us gamers and fans even more of these niche Japanese titles, such as doujin games and Visual Novels. Gamers looking to find some of the more niche Japanese titles translated into English (and Spanish) available legitimately currently only have a few options available to them. You have both JAST USA and MangaGamer that are releasing and translating Visual Novels predominantly, while you also have the team at Nyu Media that are bringing over the smaller doujin experiences. But now we have Culture Select to look out for; and we recently sat down with their CEO across the internet … Continue reading

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Interview With Culture Select’s John Baumlin


We recently sat down with Culture Select as part of a feature on their company. In our feature, we discuss the up and coming company and their plans to localise doujin games, visual novels and more for the English and Spanish audiences. You can check out that feature here. See below for the full interview with Culture Select’s CEO, John Baumlin. — AoG: What is Culture Select to you as the person in charge? What should it mean to the consumers and what brought about its creation? John: I feel like Culture Select is literally being created right now as we speak, through our Kickstarter (link) and the efforts of everyone involved, honestly.  Ever since our first project went public … Continue reading

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