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Hachioji-P Panel – SMASH! 2016


Over the weekend at the Sydney Manga and Anime Show!, or SMASH!, convention, the well know Vocaloid DJ and Producer, Hachioji-P, held a Q&A panel. This panel had questions posed from both the audience and the hosts, and proved to be quite an interesting thing to participate in. Hachioji-P, or Eight Prince, answered a lot of questions during the panel. The most important questions of the panel revolved around his career and insights into the Vocaloid scene in Japan. Although he did talk about himself personally a little too. For example, he was asked about some of the steps he takes to make music, to which he answered: “You have to start with something that inspires you, which could be … Continue reading

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PR: Music Girl Hatsune Miku (E):The English Version Now available on iOS

Tokyo, Japan – August 1, 2013 – MARZA ANIMATION PLANET INC. is pleased to announce that iPhone/iPod touch App “Music Girl Hatsune Miku (E)” is now available in English on the iTunes App Store. AppStore URL: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/music-girl-hatsune-miku-e/id652722751?l=ja&ls=1&mt=8 The following is the promo video for the app: Teaser Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eqmGnwkIAk Demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlJcKaH_Ul8 “Music Girl Hatsune Miku (E )”is a hit app that climbed to #2 in the iTunes App Store ranking in just two days after its release. This is a music player app in which the ever so popular IP Character “Hatsune Miku”,  not only in her home country Japan, but all over the world, dances to the tunes installed in the user’s music player. By utilizing fully the functions … Continue reading

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