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Gaming PR: Join the battle: Line of Defense Tactics is live today


Didn’t 3000AD die? Weren’t they that one guy in a garage making space sims? See below for full details. — Join the battle: Line of Defense Tactics is live today 3000AD announced today the launch of Line of Defense Tactics, a real-time squad management strategy game for PC, Mac, Windows Phone, Android, Amazon tablets, and iOS. Based upon the upcoming MMO Line of Defense as well as the comic, Line of Defense Tactics uses the world, weapons, and vehicles to put players in the shoes of a strike team of four elite GALCOM Marines in real-time tactical combat battles. Line of Defense Tactics features: • Action filled storyline based on the Line of Defense comics • Real time tactical combat … Continue reading

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Monthly Roundup – Officially One Month Old!


As of today, Attack On Gaming is officially one month old! This means that it now time for us to branch out, create industry contacts and work towards becoming a Gaming/Anime mecca. The month itself has been a solid one, presenting itself with some interesting content, as well some respectable site statistics. We are currently exceeding the expectations that we went into this with. For the next month, we are planning on further tightening the sites code and design with a customised static background that actually represents our site and not the awesome Unreal Tournament 3. We are also going to be growing and nurturing industry contacts in both the Anime and Gaming industries. At present we currently have contact … Continue reading

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Things That We Would Love To See In An XCOM Sequel


Recently it was announced that there would be an expansion pack to the hit XCOM: Enemy Unknown video game from publisher 2k Games, which is a reboot of the original X-Com franchise from the 90s. Since that announcement was made, the somewhat regarded third-person shooter, XCOM: The Bureau has been released. In celebration of the news of the expansion pack, as well as the launch of The Bureau, we’ve compiled a list of features that we would love to see in the sequel to Enemy Unknown should it ever be released. — Real Time Missions This is a feature that wasn’t introduced until later on in the X-Com franchise initially, but it is still something that we feel should be … Continue reading

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