Overwatch Review


Overwatch is the latest game from Blizzard. The premise is a rather simple one, you have two teams of six-players that must battle it out to complete objectives in order to defeat the opposing side. Where Overwatch has its intricacies is in its mechanical build up, interesting character design and engaging map layouts, which helps to create an incredibly fun experience. Be sure to check out our hands-on impressions here, or read on for the full review. The storyline in Overwatch is really touched on too much in the game, with it being relegated primarily to online videos and comic-strips. However, there is a tonne of attention to detail in the games levels, particularly in the starting zones that allow … Continue reading

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Ozmafia!! Review


What would happen if you took a bunch of fairytale story characters and mixed them together in an Otome styled visual novel? You would end up with a story about a girl trapped in a mysterious town where territory is divided up to mafias representing the most iconic stories of our time. This is the premise of Ozmafia!!. Warring pretty boys, cat-girls, and an abundance of forced drama are what make Ozmafia!! an enjoyable read. The game starts with you, the female protagonist, awakening with no memories in a strange town and being about to be eaten by an evil wolf-like man. However, the player character soon takes flight and runs into a small group of dashing looking gentlemen that … Continue reading

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GAMING PR: PlayStation®4 sales surpass 40 million units worldwide

The PlayStation 4 has passed the 40 million units sold mark worldwide as of May 22, which was last Sunday. Read on for more details. — SAN MATEO, CA, May 26, 2016 – Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) today announced that PlayStation®4 (PS4™) has cumulatively sold through more than 40 million units*1 to consumers worldwide as of May 22, 2016, continuing to demonstrate the fastest-selling console in PlayStation® history. By offering users a vast array of exciting software titles from 3rd party developers and publishers as well as from SIE Worldwide Studios (SIE WWS), PS4 software sales also remain strong, with more than 270.9 million copies*2 sold in retail stores globally and through digital downloads on PlayStation®Store as of May 22, … Continue reading

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GAMING PR: Vivid LIVE – Cultivating Creativity in Australia

If you’re in Sydney on June 7 and are passionate about Australia’s current video game industry, then this panel might be the opportunity to explore what needs to be done to cultivate video game development and, hopefully, compete with the rest of the world. This is part of the Vivid festival currently going on in Sydney. All of the details of the panel, including panelists and event details, are all laid out below. — Cultivating Creativity in Australia – Video Games On The Floor and Vivid Ideas is proud to present the first panel discussion in the series – Cultivating Creativity in Australia: Video Games. Taking place on the 7th of June at the Darlinghurst Theatre, the series seeks to … Continue reading

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Gran Turismo Sport launches in Australia on 16 November 2016, only on PlayStation 4

During the GT Sport unveiling last week, it was announced that GT Sport, the next installment in the Gran Turismo franchise, will be released on the 16th of November, 2016 in Australia. Read on for more details. — Today, at an exclusive unveiling event with Kazunori Yamauchi, PlayStation revealed that Gran Turismo Sport will debut exclusively on PlayStation 4, on 16th November 2016. The latest instalment in Polyphony Digital’s real driving simulator places you straight in to the driving seat of some of the fastest, most aspirational cars on the planet. These include the very latest road cars recreated with unprecedented precision by the team to deliver the most detailed and authentic models in Gran Turismo history. The game is … Continue reading

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GAMING PR: Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End First Week Sales Surpass 2.7 Million Units Worldwide

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End has had a strong first week, selling 2.7 million units world wide. Read on for more information. — SAN MATEO, CA, May 23, 2016 – Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announced that the cumulative worldwide sales of UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End available on PlayStation®4 (PS4™) have exceeded 2.7 million units* as of May 16, 2016. The remarkable sales figure was achieved just one week from launch. From renowned storytellers Naughty Dog, UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End is the latest installment in the PlayStation® franchise and acts as the conclusion to Nathan Drake’s quest for the ultimate treasure. UNCHARTED 4: A Thief’s End was met with widespread critical acclaim, and featured new gameplay mechanics, larger, more … Continue reading

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I HOPE THAT ALL OF YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING THIS! IF YOU HAVEN’T I WILL PERSONALLY COME TO YOUR HOUSE AND USE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO BUY YOU A COPY. — Blizzard Entertainment’s futuristic team-based shooter available today globally on PC, PS4™, and Xbox One Join the battle at www.playoverwatch.com SYDNEY, Australia—May 24, 2016—“The world could always use more heroes”—and today, the watch begins for gamers around the globe. After drawing more than 9.7 million players to Blizzard Entertainment’s biggest open beta ever, Overwatch®—the company’s team-based first-person shooter—is now live on Windows® PC, PlayStation®4, and Xbox One! Overwatch takes place on a near-future Earth, where teams of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities clash for control of key locations around the … Continue reading

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