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Bakemonogatari Box Set Review


This has been on my to watch list for quite awhile but I never got around to it. Now I’m obligated to watch it through work I really wish I had gotten on to this sooner. Bakemonogatari is the first of the Monogatari series, released a few years ago in 2009, although chronologically taking place after the more recently released Nekomonogatari. The series is produced by studio Shaft and series director Akiyuki Shinbo, who you may remember from every other Monogatari anime. Koyomi Araragi is a high school student and former vampire, trying to live a normal life after returning to being a human, but that’s just not happening. He still has some holdovers from when he was a vampire … Continue reading

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Majestic Prince Season One Review


Mecha anime is one of the biggest and most popular genre in the animated medium. The themes are generally pretty formulaic in nature and you can almost always get an idea of what a mecha series is going to be about just by looking at the design of the robots. At a glance, Majestic Prince seems like it will be your typical mecha anime, considering it has all the hallmarks, but really, this is a series that about turns the genre on its head. Majestic Prince, or MJP, is one of our most favourite mecha anime series’ of all time. Hopefully you will think so too. The anime series is an adaptation of the manga by Rando Ayamine and Illustrated … Continue reading

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Nekomonogatari White Review


In Nekomonogatari White, everybodies favourite cat-girl returns in an adventure that see’s a small portion of the cast of the Bakemonogatari series taking on an investigation into some mysterious fires surrounding the class president, Hanezawa. Nekomonogatari White is the next release in line in the Bakemonogatari series, animated by SHAFT and released by Hanabee here in Australia. The series is known for its quirky direction and mysterious plot lines across multiple series’. The story starts with Hanekawa bumping into an acquaintence of hers, Mayoi, the girl that was infected by the Snail spirit in the first season, that is looking for Araragi. It seems that in this series, Arararagi is nowhere to be found. This seems like a bit of … Continue reading

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Attack on Titan Collection 1 Review


If you’ve managed to not have the entirety of Attack on Titan spoiled for you by the moderately zealous fandom, parody videos, GIFs, or reviews that came out while the show was airing; first I would like to say “how are you enjoying your first day on the internet?” and secondly I’d like to inform you that I will not be avoiding spoiling the first half of Attack on Titan because, dude, everyone else has seen it. Don’t come whining to me about how I ruined that Eren gets eaten 5 episodes in just because YOU didn’t bother watching streams each week. Also, I’m not going to refer to this show as SNK in this review, because when I say … Continue reading

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Cardcaptor Sakura: The Movie Review


Sakura, is just a girl-ah, the opening theme of Cardcaptors (the series) is probably the most apt at describing what this show is about. However, for those of you that are unfamiliar with that song, Cardcaptors, or Cardcaptor Sakura in Japanese, is about a girl named Sakura that has been chosen by the plucky Keroberos for a mystical role involving the capturing and command of the powerful Clow Cards. The cards themselves once belonged to the powerful Clow Reed who has since passed from this world. Cardcaptors is set in the 90s era Japan and is based on the Manga by the famous CLAMP group. Cardcaptors is one of those series that growing Anime fans in the 90s and 00s … Continue reading

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Berserk The Golden Age Arc III – The Advent Review


Guts, the mercenary, has long since found and left his home in the Band of the Hawk raiding clan. The third act is the final movie (so far) about the Berserk story and is an adaptation of the manga by the same name, as created by Kentaro Miura. The film is set in a medieval fantasy setting and the story is best known for its copious amounts of action, sex and awesomesauce. The three films together cover the Golden Age arc of the Berserk story, and serves as a set up for the entire story of the Berserk universe. At the end of the last movie, Guts’ had left the Band of the Hawk to find his own path as … Continue reading

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Toradora! The Complete Series Review


Love triangles are a strange thing, aren’t they? Love triangle are also a thing that is common in slice-of-life anime dramas as well. However, Toradora! is not an anime series that explored a love triangle, instead it explores a love square, and then a pentagon, love shapes should be the more adequate term. In this series the, main cast each has their own love interests that all reflect on characters that are interested in other characters themselves. This seems to be the central theme of the series and it approaches the topic with mostly humour, but also a little pinch of seriousness. Toradora! is based on the light novel of the same name and is released by Hanabee here in … Continue reading

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