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Jormungand Complete Collection Review


Has there ever been an anime series in your life that you thought that you would never like? Is there a series out there where you’ve read the synopsis, looked at the art and looked into the story and figured that it’s something that you couldn’t enjoy no matter what? Have you ever been wrong about those assumptions? Jormungand from Madman Entertainment here in Australia is the anime series that I was wrong about in my assumptions. Jormungand is an excellent series about an Arms dealer named Koko Hekmatyar and her bodyguards as they travel the world and get into all kinds of danger selling weapons to various buyers. The story of Jormungand begins with Jonah, a child soldier, joining … Continue reading

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I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job Subtitled Edition Review


I Couldn’t Become A Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided To Get A Job – Yusibu is the anime series licensed and released by Madman Entertainment about an ex-hero in training named Raul that had to drop his dreams of becoming a true hero and work in a normal store in a normal life. The series is based on the Light Novel by the same name, written by Jun Sakyou. The anime adaptation is done by the anime studio Asread and Kadokawa. The series is best known for its fantasy setting that’s reminiscent of a RPG and it’s harem elements. It is a comedy series. Raul was living a normal life as a hero in training in an era where heroes … Continue reading

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Little Busters Refrain (LB Season Two) Review


So, a little while back we reviewed the second part of the first series of Little Busters and you can check that out here. Our opinion on this release doesn’t change all that much. This second part, Little Busters Refrain, continues where the previous season left off with the Little Busters team getting themselves into internal drama all over the place. The series is released by Hanabee here in Australia and focuses on a highschool baseball team and their relationships with one another. It is based on a Visual Novel of the same name. One of the things that you’ll find in the story of Little Busters is that it seems to deviate from reality to some kind of pocket … Continue reading

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The Ambition Of Oda Nobuna Review


In Japanese history there is a legendary figure named Oda Nobunaga, a warlord that unified Japans feudal states under one banner. Oda Nobuna is kind of a retelling of that legend, but with all of the main officers undergoing a bit of a gender swap. Our main character, Yoshihiru Sagara, a modern day teen, finds himself in this alternative history spanning the end of the warring states period in Japanese history. The series is adapted from the Light Novel of the same name and is animated by Madhouse and released by Hanabee here in Australia. The story of The Ambition of Oda Nobuna follows the character Yoshiharu as he experiences life under the command of the legendary warlord Oda Nobuna, … Continue reading

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Majestic Prince Part 2 Review


Majestic Prince is the anime adaptation of the manga series by the same name by the author Rando Ayamine. The animated adaptation follows the teenaged mecha pilots, Team Rabbits as they protect the Earth from the Walgaru invaders using their mechatronic fighting units called AHSMB. The series itself is animated by Dokakobo and is a comedy action anime. We previously reviewed the first part, which can be found here. The story in the second part of Majestic Prince picks up right where the first season left off with the pilots reflecting on their previous roles as mini celebrities for a day. However, the team soon finds that a sixth member will be joining the Team Rabbits group in MJP army. … Continue reading

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Onimonogatari Review


The Bakemonogatari series is known for its focus on the supernatural, and the characters that interact with these supernatural beings and the impact that they have on their lives. Onimonogatari is the next chapter in the Bakemonogatari Second Season and focuses strongly on both Mayoi, the Lost Cow spirit and Shinobu, the Loli vampire character. This is the Fourth release in the Bakemonogatari Second Season, with Hanabee releasing the Second Season in parts, each with their own collectors box and DVD and BD versions included. Onimonogatari’s story begins with Araragi and Mayoi going about their daily Araragi and Mayoi business with Araragi having to hand Mayoi back her backpack from their previous story when they suddenly sense some kind of … Continue reading

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Red Data Girl Review


Red Data Girl is an adaptation of a novel series by the same name. The anime adaptation is done by P.A. Works and released by Hanabee here in Australia. A Red Data Girl is a girl that is almost extinct, and thus, highly valuable and coveted by people wanting more power. The concept of a Red Data Girl comes from the U.N.’s Red Data Book, a book on near extinct and endangered animals. However, unlike the Red Data Book, this isn’t about keeping a tally on a bunch of girls and trying to conserve them, this story is about a singular girl and her supernatural powers. The story of Red Data Girl begins with a young girl disobeying her parents … Continue reading

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