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Kabukimonogatari Review


The -Monotagari series is a series that we’ve talked about a great deal here at Attack On Gaming in the past, and Kabukimonogatari is the latest in the series as released by Hanabee here in Australia. The series is directed by SHAFT and revolves around a bunch of characters, called apparitions, that live in a metropolis town. The series is known for it’s unusual direction and even stranger stories. Kabukimonogatari is four episodes in length and deals with the topic of time-travel and the consequences of altering the events of time. The series begins with Araragi looking all over town for the mysterious snail/cow apparition Mayoi, who has left her backpack at his place after visiting him. For those unaware … Continue reading

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Princess Knight – The Complete Series Review


Princess Knight is an anime series from the legendary Osamu Tezuka and is about a young Princess that is born and raised to be a Prince. The story comes from the early days of coloured animation, literally 1967, and is much more like a cartoon than modern day anime. The long series goes for 10 discs, or roughly 52 episodes all up. So 1300minutes in total. The series is distributed by Hanabee here in Australia. The story of Princess Knight revolves around a Princess that is born and raised to be a Prince since birth. This is because of a strange law in the land where only a King can be ruler of the Kingdom, and the king is decided … Continue reading

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Cardfight!! Vanguard Part 4 Review


Cardfight!! Vanguard is the Anime series based on the Bushiroad card game of the same name. The series is a collaboration between the president of Bushiroad, the author of Yu-Gi-Oh! R and that one guy that worked on that one card game Anime series that was pretty terrible back in the mid 2000s, Duel Masters. This part of the series, part 4, focuses on the regional tournament of Japan, where our team of Vanguard players face off against some strong opponents and rather risky odds. This part follows directly after the third part of the series and is still following the first arc of the Cardfight!! Vanguard anime. Cardfight!! Vanguard follows the story of Aiichi Sendou and his team of … Continue reading

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Devil Survivor 2 – The Animation Review


Devil Survivor 2 – The Animation is an Anime adaptation of the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 video game published by Atlus. The game originally appeared on the Nintendo DS gaming console and is known for its story involving a teenage cast and their ability to summon demons from their cell phones. The game itself is a JRPG, and as such, the adaptation has stuck to the important storyline parts and not so much the grindy parts. The Anime adaptation is released by Hanabee here in Australia. The series is 13 episodes long. It could be best described as Gantz meets JRPG, only for Teens and not Older Teens. In the Anime adaptation, the storyline follows the character Hibiki … Continue reading

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From The New World Part 2 Review [Spoilers]


From The New World Season 2 is the second season of the near-masterpiece Anime series, From The New World. The series is a tale of exploratory fiction, following a small group of characters as they grow up in a world that is, as previously covered, a world that is a future of our own. The people of this world control a psychic force called Power, and utilise this power in their day to day lives. While the second season follows the story of the first, it explores a few deeper themes than it had previously. The story in this season picks up almost immediately at the end of the first. Saki’s group had just left their small town and a … Continue reading

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The Devil Is A Part-Timer! Review


The Devil is a Part-Timer! is the Anime adaptation of the light novel series by the same name as written by Satoshi Wagahara. The story focuses on the devil himself, Satan, as he works his way through the real world in order to conquer it. However, things are taken for the worst when the devil finds that he is running out of magic in this world and is unable to sustain a demonic form. White Fox animated and produced the series in Japan, and it is 13 episodes long. The Devil is a Part-Timer is released in Australia by Siren Visual, and is based on the Funimation release. In an alternative reality, there is a war that has been raging … Continue reading

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Queen’s Blade: Rebellion Review


When I was picking up the DVD of the next series for me to review I was given two choices. “Do you prefer tits or comedy” my fellow reviewer said. Well since comedy is subjective and humour can be lost when viewed by other cultures, and since in a way I do prefer tits, I chose this. And I think he summed up Queens Blade perfectly. “Tits”. Well to be fair there is more to it than that; there’s a large cast of characters, lore, tits, a consistently unravelling story, and tits. Did I mention tits? Pretty sure I did. “Tits”. About that story. Queen’s Blade: Rebellion is a sequel to the original Queen’s Blade, the set up for the first … Continue reading

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