Attack On #Gamergate – The heck did we miss!?

DEATH-TO-ALL-BUT-GAMERS As a lot of our readers are probably aware, we've been on holiday this past week or so. In fact, the night before we left was when we found out about the whole "Quinnspiracy" thing, involving herself and Five Guys that were a part of the gaming industry in some way. We've covered all that we know here. What's interesting is that since playing catch-up, on things, we've found this whole #Gamergate nonsense. But what is that, so far as we can tell? Well, from what it looks like, it looks as though there has been a massive push from major gaming news publications blogs stating that gamers are a dying breed and that gamers themselves are the biggest problem in the gaming industry. Now, really, this seems like a shit-fling from the writers of these publications in an attempt to somehow discredit the gaming public after a lot of digging and exposing of corruption has been brought to light about some of those same publications. Considering that we've been away for the past week, we've missed the initial wave, but we're still riding this out and it's great to see that people are still fighting the good fight, fighting against corruption in the media and calling people out on their shit. However, it is incredibly strange that rather than the major publications issuing a public apology, which would be the correct thing to do from a public relations viewpoint, they've instead actively attacked their target audience. Seriously, you can not make this up. Instead of, you know, admitting that an issue is worth talking about and getting to the truth, which journalists should be doing anyway, they've instead told the people that, not only support their writing and hobby, they're the main problem in the industry. That they're the ones that should be ashamed. And that they're the biggest problem that the gaming industry is facing today. Even worse, it's even suggested that gamers are a dying breed and they're advocating that a new standard of gamer should rise from a Phoenix Down and it should be called Gamer+, and that these Gamer+'s should be the ones that game creators cater to. What in the actual heck are these writers smoking? Or taking? Are they on something? What the heck are their editors doing? Is there anyone at these publications that have taken a look at this and seriously thought about it for longer than a second and a half? They have literally just abused the crap out of their largest demographic and readership, and they did it just like that. They didn't even stop to consider that maybe, just maybe, they should be discussing this issue. Maybe they could have dismissed some of the evidence, or gave a statement as to why they weren't touching a particular topic. At least then, we'd kind of know what's up. But instead, nope, they just called a massive portion of their readership some rather interesting things. What's interesting is the fact that sites like 4Chan, Tumblr, Reddit and a few more spaces that we don't even know are banding together against this massive corruption. Like, seriously, these places hate each other, and when places that hate each other with a vile passions start working together to screw you over, you know that you've done something terribly, terribly wrong. It's great to see that we've put aside our differences in an effort to support our one uniting factor, our love of video games! 'Eff yeah! To be honest, GameNosh has the best coverage of this debacle so far, so we'll link you to them. Instead we just want to give you a message. As gamers, it is interesting that we are no longer considered the core audience of these online publications that have built their existence on catering content that interests us as gamers. What's even more interesting is that there is a belief that gamers, that is, people that play games as a hobby for a significant amount of time, should no longer be the target audience of game developers. But then, who should the target audience be? The readership of those sites that insist that gamers are dead? Are they making games for their audiences now? Is that what's happening? No. And for as long as gamers, like us, exist, game developers will keep on developing to meet our expectations. Because if they don't, and if they start pandering to this minority that seems bent on altering the gaming scene, gamers will stop buying their games. Gaming is a massive space, and given the size of the internet, gamers can find their games quite easily. If the indie-scene and the hardcore scene want to start pandering to this group that no longer wants to develop for games, and believes that gamers are dying, the gamers that are not dying will move onto the companies and game designers that will develop the games that they want to play. Those games will sell, and the corpses of the old will wash away, bringing forth a new gaming paradigm that we can be happy with. Of course, this only works if game designers are even listening to these sites, which they're probably not. People generally design things they like, gamers are no different. Even further, we should be pushing these indie publications (like ours) into the foray. Give the readers alternative opinions and materials to consume. New gamers will likely sit on the old media unless we do something to change this. Even if we're not the next big gaming site, which is unlikely, we have no budget and hate ads, some other site will take up the mantle. If not, we will always have Youtube, 4Chan, Reddit, Tumblr and the like to all discuss our favourite games and to keep our hobby interesting and innovative. Us here at Attack On Gaming, we're all Gamers, and proud to be one. Screw the Gamer+, screw Kotaku, screw the, now dying, gaming media industry; and welcome in the age of the Gamer. Note: We used Kotaku's article because we hate Kotaku (THIS IS OUR BIAS!). Plunkett's coverage is fairly ambivalent. It's short on research and is more of a reactionary piece to link to the other, more damaging, articles. -- Here is the current 4Chan copy-pasta with all of the information that you'll need to get caught up. 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  • Michał Lech

    They are high as fsck. High on religion. More specifically, a religion of hate known as “feminism”.

    • Gimli

      I would agree though i’d also add that this is a zionist plot beyond reckoning.

  • nonscpo

    Nice, another site besides nichegamer and gamerheadlines that’s covering this story. Please keep up the good work and hopefully we can see some positive news at the end of the tunnel.

    • Gaming Admiral

      Thankyou for reading and supporting us!

  • R. Black

    Great article, but Kotaku’s and one other publications EIC did sort of post an apology. Of course, they weren’t the writers, but at least there was an impact.

    • Gaming Admiral

      Thanks for the heads-up. We’re still going through all of the incidents of the last week. (Very time-consuming :0)