Developer Digital Homicide Suing Jim Sterling, former-Destructoid Journalist


Very recently, the video game development studio, Digital Homicide, has engaged in a lawsuit against the big-man former-Destructoid journalist, Jim Sterling (real name: James Nicholas Stanton). The lawsuit is in regards to what the developers believe is Jim Sterling publishing false allegations towards them and inciting a mob to attack, harass and possibly endanger the developers and their family. Below is an excerpt from their page detailing why they are going ahead with their lawsuit.

I have been falsely accused of:

  • Stealing artwork

  • Stealing assets

  • Flipping projects with no work put in

  • Doxing

  • Had products misrepresented with intention to do damage

  • Of illegally using another companies name

  • Conducting illegal business activities

  • Impersonating someone

  • Being incompetent and unable to perform my job

I’ve been impersonated, and my name has been dragged through the mud not only by the individual being sued but by some of the over three hundred thousand of his subscribers who come to my game forum pages and other locations and say things such as this:

  • You’re wife is a whore

  • You’re a thief

  • You’re a fraud

  • You’re a scammer

  • I hope you die in a fiery car crash

  • If you show up at gaming convention XXX I will beat you down

  • You’re shady

  • You’re company impersonates other company’s

  • You need to **** off, get off of this system (where we do business)

  • You will be made an example of

  • I feel sorry for your kids having such an incompetent parent

  • and much more.

These are some series allegations against the Youtube personality and former-Destructoid journalist. Whether or not these allegations hold true will be up to the judges in a court of law.

Read the full details on why Sterling is being sued here.

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