#GamerGate Has Amalgamated #NotYourShield


Over the past few days, the #Gamergate movement has prompted a kind of backlash by its followers called #Notyourshield. The #NYS hashtag was made as a way to show that the gaming media are against #Gamergate, it’s minority followers and a supposed misogyny that is apparently carried within. The #GamerGate movement is known best as a beacon of upset gamers at the lack of transparency and alleged corruption within the gaming media, however, this has not stopped detractors from suggesting that it is a tag of misconduct.

#NotYourShield is basically groups considered ‘minorities’ claiming that they do not like being the media’s shield. They do not like being used to deflect the issue of corruption.

What’s interesting now is that supporters of #GamerGate that are not the white male, and/or, misogynists, have begun to speak out and embrace the tag, signalling that #GamerGate is a movement of equality against a corrupt digital media. The support for #Gamergate has been so strong that the #NotYourShield has become pretty much synonymous with the message against corrupt media practices.

Be sure to check out the #NotYourShield tag on Twitter.

This article has been edited to better reflect the meaning behind #NotYourShield.

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