How The Names Of Players In Multiplayer Gaming Affect You


Player names are an important aspect of the gaming hobby. While playing games, players generally assign themselves a unique moniker to differentiate themselves from other players in the game. But how is it that these names reflect on that player? How does this affect your proficiency as a team?

This is something that we can all relate to here. We’re playing a game and suddenly we’re thrown into this random team and we honestly have no idea how they’re going to work together or what the outcome of the battle will be. Because of this, we focus mostly on ourselves and push to do the best that we can as a player. However, there is always something to the team that you’re on that just doesn’t cut it. You can’t quite explain what it is, but some players tend to just do really well, while others tend to suck pretty bad.

Well, us here at Attack On Gaming have noticed a trend in the way players name themselves, and how that reflects on their particular playstyle. Using this quick (and discriminatory) guide, you too can quickly tell, at a glance, just how well it is that you are going to do as a team.

Primary Categories

The Hardcore Gamer – (Male/Female)

– Usually has a name that is relevant to themselves or their image in some way.

– Usually use this name or a variant across all games.

– Because they see this character as an extension or alternative version of themselves.

While the hardcore gamer may not be the first kind of player that you notice in a match, they’re more than likely to be the most prevalent. Often times these are the players you’re going to have a bulk of in most matches and do combine with other kinds of gamer types as listed below.

Typically, the hardcore gamer will be versatile across all games, but may only specialise in one or two. This makes them formidable opponents in any game, but an outright challenge in their specialty. You’d definitely want this player on your team.

The Dumbfuck – (Usually male, some females do exist)

– Generally has a name that is inverse to what they can do (ex. Onslaught, xXHeadshotXx)

– Complain of hacks when they suck

– if they have a microphone, they’ll usually abuse it in some way.

We’ve all encountered this particular player in our lifetime, and we’ve probably mixed them up with trolls (see below). This is the kind of player that legitimately thinks that they’re doing a good job, despite the team constantly letting them know that they’re not being a team player, or doing anything useful.

Generally speaking, they’ll play as a sniper class in a team based game, camp the one spot, get a total of three kills in a round and then boast about their insane KDR. Look, if your KDR 3:1 but you only average 3 frags per round, you still suck. That 300% is 300% of being bad at games.

If they’re not being a Sniper, they’re an OP class of some type, but are unable to work out its kinks. This kind of player is also usually the first to call hacks, over the microphone, all of the time. Don’t let their names fool you, you don’t want them on your team.

Female Gamer (Mostly Female, some Male)

– Generally have names that seem hardcore at a glance

– Usually a no-meaning name, often with a repetitive tone.

– Non masculine or hyper-masculine wording.

– Most of the ones we’ve met stick with one or two multiplayer games and get as good as they can at them.

While gaming, gender is largely unimportant, we’ve included both genders in this list for purposes of identification, to keep in topic with this list.

The easiest way to pick out a female player from a male player is by looking out for a few cues that can hint to whether or not they’re female or not. These are incredibly subtle and you’d probably not see it if they weren’t pointed out to you.

Typically speaking, hardcore female gamers are quite skilled at games. Although,  a higher portion of them seem to be in MMORPGs and MOBA’s than FPS’, but that’s not to say that there is a small amount of female FPS’ players. Some of the best CS players in the world are in an all female team. That game is hard.

As far as having them on a team is concerned, if it’s a game they specialise in, they’re definitely valuable members. This is unless they meet the criteria of one of the players you wouldn’t want to be gaming with.

Male Gamer (Mostly Male, some Female)

– Typically a variation on a name or nick-name.

– Sometimes will run with randomly generated names.

– Typically cool to play with

– Tend to take the mid and top mid scores.

While gaming, gender is largely unimportant, we’ve included both genders in this list for purposes of identification, to keep in topic with this list.

When not coupled with a hardcore gamer personality, these players can sometimes seem a little unknowing at first. However, if they’re not being quiet, they are generally agreeable. However, the inverse of this is also very true. Some types of male gamers can be very aggressive and assertive, especially if they’re not accustomed to gaming culture and take a lot of the in jokes within the culture too seriously.

If you’ve played in a Xbox Live session, you’ve probably encountered a massive variety of this kind of gamer. See also, MOBA games (mostly HoN, the community is so incredibly cancerous).


Sub Categories

Edgy Teenager

– Usually has some kind of name to do with a popular band that they believe nobody has heard of (name of band, song title).

– Although can also have names with a kind of edgy vibe (ShadowPain(we’re not edgy teenagers here so it’s hard to make up examples)).

– Can be known to abuse xXEDGYNAMEXx.

– If playing a MOBA, and is jungling, will be jungling on the other side of the map during gank situations. Everytime. Especially if it’s a one sided fight and you clearly need the entire team to survive.

These are probably the most annoying of all player types because they can have attributes from all of the negative kinds of players rolled into one. Even more, they tend to to be more abusive and irritating than most. If you need an idea on a typical Edgy personality, think of Haseo from .hack//G.U. Trilogy (where he is 10x edgier than usual), but bad at games.

They typically feel some kind of despair within themselves, and this reflects outwards on how they treat other players. If you have an Edgy Teenager on your team, you’re almost guaranteed to lose. Especially if they’re exhibiting traits of being underaged or trolls, which is likely.

Troll (same rules apply to a pro slumming/smurfing)

– Usually has an over the top name

– Irritating demenour

– Often carries the team, or believes they’re carrying the team

– Nothing is ever their fault, ever, even when it is.

– General internet troll rules apply here

Not be confused with genuine assholes, these are players that get off on causing grief during games, but may not actually be too bad a person in real life. They see gaming as a way of blowing off steam, or doing things that would otherwise get them into some trouble in real life. However, they are a massive strain on your teams abilities, sometimes.

Trolls are a bit strange in that they’re more-or-less Chaotic Evil more than anything. So, really, they could do anything at any time. You might get lucky and have a troll that just happens to want to be a troll to the opposing team, and when they are doing this, they’re pretty amazing to be playing with. However, more often than not, it’s easier for them to troll the team that they’re on. So it’s in your best interests to try and either: A) appease the troll; or B) Leave before the match starts.

Although, it should be noted that gaming culture has a bit of an overlap with troll culture. This means that almost everyone is a little bit of a troll sometimes, so it makes finding genuine trolls that little bit more difficult.


– Often completely silent.

– Depending on how old they actually are, may have names that are variants on the above standards.

– Can sometimes use their actual names, often with years of birth too (we’ve seen this way more times than we feel comfortable with).

– Can oddly be quite good at some games.

– But most times not.

– If they are the talkative type, are either overly douchey or genuinely nice.

– See also: that person you’re gaming with but suddenly is ignoring you and playing completely differently.

If you’re gaming today, then you were more than likely this kind of gamer at one point. While a lot of Underage gamers are on the increase with a massive rise in accessible competitive online games, like League of Legends, a bit of care has to be taken in noticing when they are playing. This is because an increase of underage players will lead to more underage players picking up the behaviours of other gamers as acceptable, and as a result, will bring down the reputation of gaming as a medium within a generation. We can already see this happening in games like the worst MOBA, Heroes of Newearth.

What can be great about Underage gamers is that they have a lot more time than adult, and even teenage, gamers. This can make them a valuable asset to a team, so long as they’re not influenced by negative archetypes, like Trolls or Edgy Teenagers. One of the best tanks I’ve raided with was Underage, although he was pretty anti-social (in an aggressive way), so we kicked him from the group. If you’re an older gamer, take care to mentor good behaviour in these gamers when you notice them.

Community Leader

– May not always be an admin or mod.

– Usually players will greet other players and joke around.

– Often hardcore gamers also.

– don’t take the game too seriously, but have be known to become engrossed in a small number of titles.

– Highly skilled in games they become engrossed in, even if they’re not the best.

Have you ever played a game and everyone just seems to have an opinion on a certain player? Then, by some miracle, they happen to log in at the same time that you’re playing and suddenly everyone is treating them with the utmost respect? Moreso, you’re watching a conversational text-based exchange happen between players and this player seems completely normal and you can’t quite get why they’re treated so well? You’ve just met a community leader.

What makes them so interesting and popular is that they’re generally not disrespectful, and even more, they’re typically good at whichever game they play. Even more, is that anyone that they consider equal to themselves are also respected by the community. You just can’t seem to dissect what makes them leaders, but they invariably are.

You’re probably wondering how players become a community leader. It may seem simple, but it’s hard to pick. They’re just genuinely interested in the game that they play and the players that join in. These players may not be known throughout the entire game, but in a small few servers or gametypes, they’re definitely the person everyone knows and treats respectfully.

The smaller the gaming community, the less likely new players are to join. Typically speaking, smaller communities are either poison to new players, or very welcoming. It’s usually the community leader that takes in newer players and gives them something to work towards and feel engrossed in within the game.


– Do it in the darkness.

– Do it where the sun don’t shine.

– With a little drop of poison.

– Rogues do it from behind.

Rogues tend to be some of the funniest players around, however, only other Rogues really get their humour. They’re hard describe. One part attention whoring, one part elitism, and a whole of dedication. Typically pretty well adjusted. They also have this rad video to end this piece on. Enjoy!

Did we miss any? Do you not necessarily agree with our list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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