Tim Schafer Makes Racist Joke At GDC – Our Response


Edit: Tim may have apologised for this joke since this article was published.http://attackongaming.com/gaming-talk/tim-schafer-apologises-for-remarks-about-gamergate-and-notyourshield/

If you’ve paid any attention to the video games industry at all since the early days you’ve probably heard of a gaming legend named Tim Schafer. Tim’s biggest achievements are from Adventure games from his Lucas Arts tenure such as Day of the Tentacle and The Secret of Monkey Island. Since then he has gone on to work for his own studio Double Fine where they produce video games that go extremely over-budget and promise things that aren’t delivered or are changed at the last minute.

Finding time away from developing games, Tim has recently attended the Game Developers Conference over in the U.S.A where he was given a chance to chat on stage as himself and controlling a literal sockpuppet. While this would be all well and good under normal conditions, right now there is a bit of a cultural backlash against abusive behaviour and blatant corruption in the gaming industry. Some of you readers will have heard about it as something called #GamerGate, and whether or not it’s a hate group, or a legitimate push isn’t the point of this article. Instead we’ll be looking at the #NotYourShield hashtag, which is filled with ‘minorities’ (we hate this term, what is a minority? I mean, in Africa, is an African a minority? What about in China? Is a Chinese person a minority?), minorities that are fed up with game journalists and game developers pretending that they don’t exist and/or using them as a shield to deflect valid criticisms by labeling all gamers as white basement dwellers. And ‘minorities’ are clearly not white at the very least.

In Tim’s speech he makes a quip about how developing art in games is a much harder job now than it was a long time ago. He accurately states that making art assets now is much harder and takes more people to do than it did in the past. After that though, his sockpuppet jumps in. Now this sock-puppet itself is a pretty sore point from the get-go, considering that #NotYourShield posters have consistently had their ‘minority’ status questioned and it’s even been suggested more than once that #NYS supporters are #GG sock-puppets themselves. The below are a small few examples, but there a hundreds more out there.




Source: http://gamergateharassment.tumblr.com/

Anyway, moving past the first offence, the next is a joke about how many GamerGators (used stylised spelling here as this is how the industry refers to them) it would take to screw in a light bulb or design a character or something. Being as big as #GG is, it would be expected that some jokes would be made at the hashtags expense during a big conference. However, the sock-puppet then went on to say (paraphrasing): that it would take 42 gators to do it and two more to tweet #NotYourShield.

This is massively offensive on so many levels. The first is the obvious one where a ‘minority’ is placed in a subservient role to their supposed ‘white’ masters. We can gather this from the history of #GamerGate where industry members have created an image of #GG supporters being white basement dwelling men. So then, the number of GG users, ’42’, outnumber the NYS users and also have their opinions spread out before them. This creates an image of a white male oppressor subjugating minorities for their own gains. Now this wouldn’t be as offensive (but still offensive) as it is, but the gaming industry and journalists have repeatedly denied that NYS are legitimate, and Schafer continues this line of ignorance.

Even more, an image of #NYS members not having their own wills is established in the joke. Once again, the fact that it is implied that NYS posters wait for a GG poster to do something of note and then latch onto that is incredibly terrible. The implication is that the ‘minorities’ of NYS are only as important when they are serving their GG overlords, and have no agency of their own. I can’t envision anyone that would honestly believe that a human being could not have agency of their own, but somehow Schafer does exactly that. He envisions a supposed minority that exists only to bow down to an oppressive force.

I’m sure that many other arguments could be made as to why this joke was not only offensive, but way off the mark as to the reality of the situation, but I will stop at these two because I’m incredibly tempted to write the rest of this article in CAPS LOCK just to emphasise how angry I am that a person I once looked up to is nothing more than an intolerant (or uneducated) ass that would throw his customers under a bus to get a laugh at a conference being watched at home by thousands of gamers. I sincerely hope that Tim apologises profusely for his statements, but I really doubt that will happen.

Below is a clip of the joke:

Just for good measure, here are a couple of reactionary tweets based on Tim’s comments.

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  • Matthew Schrank

    Is this serious? Gamers are a minority pretty much. This article is fucking stupid. “IS A CHINESE PERSON IN CHINA A MINORITY?”. Why would you ask such dumb obvious questions, is that just your way of getting responses? I’ll admit I have no fucking idea what #GG and #shield or whatever is, but there is so much fucking racism and prejudice in this world and you’re crying about video game racism? It’s just fucking stupid. Sorry this is the dumbest shit I’ve heard. Here’s a joke. What do you call a white dude, a Mexican dude, a black dude and an Asian dude walking into my room? Gamers that are gonna LAN it up. That’s the punchline. Cry babies.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      Are you functionally retarded? Or did you just not read the article and instead looked for things to complain about?

  • InternetMan101

    OK? I still do not get the joke all the way regarding racist. That is very deceptive there. LOL…..Like Bill Mahr from HBO said towards the camera: “You Little Shit.”

  • wargames83

    Wow, you wrote this article criticizing a joke you were offending by and didn’t even get the wording of the joke that was in the video that you embedded correct. In the joke most of the gamer gators were tweeting not your shield.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      Why should we dignify Schafers joke by quoting it correctly? As you accurately pointed out, we wouldn’t need to as it the joke was embedded.

      • wargames83

        If you read your own article a part of your interpretation of the joke as racist was the ratio of productive gamer gators to those twitting #notyoursheild. Which you got backwards. Brillant. Since you interpreted it wrong, does that mean it is not racist after all?

        • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

          How is it right to call minorities white-sock-puppets? How is right to imply that minorities only react when told by white oppressors?
          The only interpretation that is wrong is yours.

          • wargames83

            “How is right to imply that minorities only react when told by white oppressors?”
            He never said it. That confusion came form you mixing up the ratio’s. and don’t understand that he is just saying that MOST of the Game Gators are just useless twitter warriors rather than doing anything about actual ethics in journalism.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            He did say it, he said that GamerGaters are the ones doing the primary action, and only after they do something do the #NYS people come in. It’s as though he’s implying that #NYS has no individual agency, and instead is ordered around by #GG. #GG is perpetually described as a misogynist group of hateful cis-white men, and thus, #NYS is enslaved to the will of cis-white men of #GG by not being able to do anything on their own.
            It’s not hard to see the bigotry in the joke when you actually know what all the implications of joke are. Why else would all of these #NYS people be upset?
            If it was just a joke about efficiency in #GG, it wouldn’t have been this offensive.

  • Heribelt Morales

    Yes because 1+1+40=50 fucking dumass

  • diamond

    GG isn’t a “big” movement, don’t kid yourself, it’s usage greatly decreased last year already and it’s decreasing more by the day, soon it will rightfully be forgotten and never spoken of again.

    • TrollingThunder

      Any day now.

  • MrNickMagnante .

    You idiots got the quote completely backwards. It was 40 tweeting and 2 making the game. Seriously how can you fuck up a quote so badly and then go on to say how racist it is because the minority is the one tweeting (when the joke said it was the vast MAJORITY). Seriously if you’re gonna go full retard at least get the quote right idiot.

  • neuromangler

    I still don’t even really understand the backstory behind all of this. I feel like I walked into the middle of some quarrel that’s been going on for a while. As a black dude who plays video games I was curious about the allegations of racism, but I don’t see it.

    • jlenoconel

      Its the fact this has-been game producer is making fun of minorities within the GamerGate movement. He’s insulting us. Some of us have fought our own battles against injustice. I have, but I don’t support censorship in video games just because people like that Anita chick accuses games of being sexist.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      NotYourShield are ‘minority’ gamers. It’s offensive mainly because the joke insinuates that NYS gamers are subservient to their GamerGate overlords. This isn’t the case, the NYS people have their own sense of agency.

      • neuromangler

        To whom does “NotYourShield” refer? They’re not *whose* shield?

        • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

          The media. The term refers to them no longer wanting to be the media’s shield to hide behind when criticism is flung at the media. Like when the ‘Gamers are dead’ articles popped up, the media were using minorities a shield to deflect criticism.

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlQew9dRC2k47yx5ePB9fg Jeff Boyle

          this is actually a good question, I’m white so i fear this may put me on someone’s shit list but im about as lost as Neuromangler, i didnt know “minority gamers” were a thing…i thought we were all Gamers: guys, gals, white, black, brown, blue, purple, green, whatever i thought we were all friends/enemies (depending on the game) who enjoy the same hobby…when the flying fark did my hobby become a politician playground, dammit?

          • Mordecai Hunter

            When people saw they could blame every crime white males perpetrate on videogames.

    • Brandon Hardacre

      Good. I’m not the only one lost here, and I’m usually on top of gaming news.

  • Hermione Granger

    i put my monkey island game cd and disks on the fire tonigth…

    • Potato

      That was dumb, I’d still treasure my Harry Potter books if Rowling came out as a Nazi sympathizer.

      • Hermione Granger

        worst example i have ever read… this is serious and no joking matters.

        • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLlQew9dRC2k47yx5ePB9fg Jeff Boyle

          and yet i agree with it, i love the Harry Potter books, and since i already have them, theres nothing i can do about it, but if she were in fact something horrid like a nazi sympathiser, she would not get another dime from me…but id still enjoy harry potter.

          for facebook’s sake, this is purely hypothetical.

    • jlenoconel

      I’d still play Monkey Island, but probably wouldn’t play anything new that this guy has made.

      • Hermione Granger

        the new is garbage tim schafer 15min fame is over…

  • JC

    Why do people give these things such power. It was a joke until you made it into something more. The fact is that every single person on the planet is a racist or bigot to some extent or another toward other cultures, races, religions, sexual orientations, weights, heights, looks, and so on. That is exactly what this joke played on. We are taught to be this way through how we are raised, our cultures, our religions, what we read, what we watch, what we listen to. It is a fact and if you say you are not then you are a liar and/or hypocrite, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Every single person who has made a comment or video above and in this comment section has heard and laughed or made a joke about someone else’s race, culture, religion, weight, sexual orientation, looks, etc, etc. Everyone wants to point their finger at someone else for this, that, or the other, but can’t take it when someone points the finger back. Get over yourselves. If jokes offend you then go hide under a rock. His joke was just away to bring up something he knows is taboo and get a response. Comedians, actors, writers, and musicians have been doing this since the dawn of time and will continue til the end of days. He is a writer and a developer amongst other things. People today just want to whine and complain and get attention. You hold yourselves back. You determine how people see you by your actions and how you interact with society. You turn yourselves into victims and separate yourself from others based on your own prejudices and self esteem issues. Am i above racism and bigotry? No and i don’t claim to be, i am not a hypocrite. My point is, you are pot calling the kettle black.

  • SgtStrangelove

    “…(we hate this term, what is a minority? I mean, in Africa, is an African a minority? What about in China? Is a Chinese person a minority?)…

    Are you stupid? A minority is a smaller number or group of a larger number or group. Why would an African be a minority in Africa? Why would A Chinese person be a minority in China?

    Minority doesnt mean “Anyone who isnt white” you gibbering simpleton. Jesus.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      On the internet nobody is a minority. The term minority is retarded to use as a term for a hobby such as gaming. However, in this case, the media have created an image of gaming only being white, and as such, anything outside of being white is the minority as posited by the media.

  • JerkDaNERD7

    Didn’t mess up one bit of my gaming life, like any of this gamergate, journalist pricks crap. So #STFU

  • phar0ahad3

    i dont get it someone please explain ??? how is it racist

    • Reverend Veritas

      Don’t try to understand it, just take the author’s word for it that it was incredibly offensive because I’m still not seeing it after the lengthy explanation.

    • Nohbody

      One of the claims against NYS is that they’re not actually minorities, but the stereotypical basement-dwelling pasty white neckbeard that’s using sockpuppet accounts (hence Schafer’s attempt at humor) to appear to be actually diverse.

      How would you, if not a white male (I neither know nor care), appreciate being said that you don’t actually exist, or are just being used as cover for “racism” and/or “misogyny” (read: “Wah, those icky GGers dare to disagree with me and aren’t apologetic about it”)?

  • Counterproductive

    Maybe it’s just me, but aren’t people looking at this the wrong way? Isn’t Tim literally saying that the vast majority of people who are part of the #GamerGate movement are actually not the white straight “basement dwellers” that certain groups would have us believe, but rather that they are a racially and culturally diverse group of people from all walks of life, hence their support of the #NotYourShield hashtag? Call me crazy, but it really sounds like people have Tim’s statements backwards and are seeing a controversy where theyshouldn’t be.

    • Mordecai Hunter

      It seems like Tim is saying they don’t exist at best, or that their opinions don’t matter at worst.

      • Counterproductive

        What makes you say that?

        • Mordecai Hunter

          If they’re sockpuppets, they don’t really exist, despite all the evidence to the contrary, pics, tweet history, etc. but I digress. But if they DO exist, then he believes their opinions are invalid because he makes light of their desire to be heard.

          • Counterproductive

            Did you watch the entire speech so that this clip would be in context? I think you’re reading too much into it. He’s hardly being intolerant or racist, just irreverent about the speech as a whole.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            I saw it, and while I do think it’s a bit of a stretch to say it was racist, it WAS dismissive of all the people who posted #NYS, and strongly implied that they didn’t matter.

            At best, he’s being extremely ignorant by asserting that just because they don’t fit the white cis-gender basement virgin narrative they must not exist. Offensive either way.

          • Counterproductive

            That assertion is entirely an external interpretation that you’ve applied based on your own viewpoint. He made several jokes using a sock puppet, one of which included the #NotYourShield campaign in passing. It isn’t as clear-cut as him making watermelon jokes while in blackface, or something equally unequivocally offensive. Isn’t it possible that your interpretation might differ than other people’s, including perhaps Tim Schafer’s own?

          • Mordecai Hunter

            Oh no doubt people will have different opinions, but what is NOT opinion is that the joke he made belittled everyone who contributed to #NYS.

          • Counterproductive

            That’s absolutely opinion. It wasn’t belittling at all. Other than mentioning the #NotYourShield campaign, he didn’t say anything about them. Didn’t question their validity, their composition, or their message. He acknowledged their existence. What’s NOT opinion is that he said the words #NotYourShield during his speech. What IS opinion is how you react to that fact. Or in some cases overreact.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            The fact that he referenced them in a joke about how lame GGers are is proof of derision He said “and 40 of them to tweet it’s not your shield,” how else were they supposed to take it? That they make valid points and should be heard, or….?

            If I made a joke about how I banged some guy’s mom, then someone else said I didn’t mean to insult that guy’s mom, that would be garbage.

          • Counterproductive

            The equivalent analogy would be if you made a joke about a guy who did something that he actually did. All he said is that they tweeted #NotYourShield. Which is something they actually do. So where is the insult exactly? Other than in your head?

          • Mordecai Hunter

            You do realize that you can’t tell people they can’t be offended, right?

          • Counterproductive

            I’m not telling people not to be offended. I’m trying to understand how this sequence of events leads to being rationally offended. So far I haven’t heard an explanation that makes sense.

  • ElliotRyan

    Because a white person has never tweeted #NotYourShield? By this logic why isn’t the joke also sexist and ableist? You could literally ascribe every prejudice under the sun to the joke but you chose only racist.

  • http://www.xboxonedaily.com/ TheRedButterfly

    @gameragodzilla’s “#NotYourSockpuppet”

    ^ Brilliant.

  • http://steamcommunity.com/id/robaperas/ Robaperas

    Get a life, ffs…

  • Glass

    Who knew gamegate was a race?

    • Mordecai Hunter

      NotYourSheild is primarily minorities and women. This comment disparages them and suggests that their opinion doesn’t matter, ostensibly because they’re minorities. What does that sound like?

      • nop666

        NotYourShield is primarily sock-puppets, used by the same people who send rape and death threats to Quinn, etc, to shield themselves from being called out on their shit.

        • Mordecai Hunter

          #NYS are sock puppets, but those that send rape threats – WITHOUT the GG hashtag BTW – aren’t? Oh and EVERY SINGLE GGer is responsible for threats that are made without the hastag?

          • nop666

            Learn how to read, if you want a serious reply.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            Where’s your proof they are sock puppets? You’re just denying them their voice because it doesn’t fit with the narrative you choose to believe – that GGers send rape threats.

            You can’t say they are sock puppets without considering the possibility that the rape threats are sock puppets as well.

            Also, kinda hard to be a sock puppet when their tweet history is longer than GG has even been a thing.

  • imadebrown

    “(we hate this term, what is a minority? I mean, in Africa, is an African a minority? What about in China? Is a Chinese person a minority?)” I don’t know why you’re playing stupid. A minority obviously depends on context and in this context it refers to a race that is a minority of the population in the West.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      Gamers aren’t a western exclusive hobby though. Calling people minority gamers is a bit stupid and does nothing but create a division where it is not needed.

  • Carl Johnson

    Soo…. how are you any different than tumblr?

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      I can pay for my website.

      • Carl Johnson

        So, trivially and not in any way that isn’t hilariously hypocritical. Got it.

        • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

          Since when did we claim to not like tumblr or not want to be like tumblr?

  • Drainy

    . . . . I just don’t even know.

  • ChatWraithShichi

    …what the fuck is “not your shield?”

    • Dulius

      A response to the Media Narrative about pro-GG (and gamers in general) being white males exclusively. The guy who started it was doxxed by the “progressives” and fired from his job (he’s black) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYqBdCmDR0M

      • ChatWraithShichi


        Know what though, instead of arguing over whether or not someone is holding prejudices, why not like…..do literally anything else with your life?

        I bet J.K. rowling has prejudices but that wouldn’t have made me enjoy harry potter any less.

        I feel like every time I look through n4g for some updates on game development, I see this background forum-bred nonsense full of people who are trying to see who can out-argue the other, or who can out-troll the other, or who can make sure that they are the most socially correct, totally non-discriminatory, all-inclusive, totally-not-racist internet user ever.

        As though even holding that title would matter. I think tim chafer is being satirical. Hence the puppet. It’s silly because he probably agrees that injecting political nonsense into making videogames holds as much base as racism in paula deen making the food network racist.

        It’d be really nice if everyone would stop pretending to be so paper-thin skinned and looking for opportunities to make themselves feel righteous.

    • CSStrowbridge

      A group of GamerGaters came up with the hashtag as a way to deflect criticism that they were racist / sexist. “Not Your Shield” is literally a shield for abuse GamerGaters use.

      • Mordecai Hunter

        A “minority” Gamergater came up with the hashtag to say that, “no gamers aren’t all misogynistic white males” and has since been adopted by prominent feminists, minorities, and others to poke holes in the anti-gamergate argument that gaming is a racist misogynistic hate club.

        • CSStrowbridge

          People who are against GamerGate are not calling gaming a purely white, male hobby that is full or racist, sexist assholes. That was a straw man attack from the beginning.

          This is important for two reasons.

          1.) GamerGaters are not the same as Gamers. You can be part of one and not part of the other. First of all, the definition of “Gamer” is up for debate. Is anyone who plays video games Gamers? If so, that would come as a shock to my parents, who do play some video games. Some would say you could only be a Gamer if you play certain type games. Casuals don’t count, for instance. Others say you have to be active in the community. Calling GamerGate a hive of scum and villainy is not the same as attacking everyone who plays games.

          2.) People point out that gaming culture has a problem with people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. If you pay attention at all to gaming culture, then you know this is true. This is not the same as saying EVERYONE who plays games is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. For instance, using a sexist trope in a video game is rarely malicious, but the result of writers being lazy.

          • Eralun

            “1.) GamerGaters are not the same as Gamers.”

            That is true, because Gamers are dead.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            You say that no one is calling gamers sexist, racist, etc. then say that gaming culture has a problem with sexism, racism, etc.

            The gaming culture may have people who are these things, but that is not the fault of the culture. Rather, it is the fault of the respective societies that have birthed people who think that way. Gaming has always been an all inclusive culture, and that includes not turning away the trolls and the terrible people. We are not responsible for those evils, nothing in our philosophy encourages misogyny, racism and homophobia. It is insulting and disingenuous to suggest that gaming has anything to do with these things that were problems long before the term “gamer.”

            There are those who can’t separate gamers from gamergaters. They are who we fight against. There are those who try to paint gaming as a cis white basement dwelling neckbeard misogynist culture, willfully ignoring that we contain multitudes. They are who we fight against. There are those that will vilify members of GG and harass and bully them, even though they’ve done nothing wrong. They are who we fight against.

          • jlenoconel

            “For instance, using a sexist trope in a video game is rarely malicious, but the result of writers being lazy.ce, using a sexist trope in a video game is rarely malicious, but the result of writers being lazy.” No, its called allowing developers the freedom to put what they want in the games they make. Nothing to do with devs being “lazy.”

          • CSStrowbridge

            Thank you for again proving GamerGaters are the dumbest people on the planet.

            “No, its called allowing developers the freedom to put what they want in the games they make.”

            You support freedom when it comes to Devs, but not when it comes to people critiquing games.

            Why is that?

            Don’t bother answering. The chances of you saying anything intelligent is nearly zero.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            When that “critique” is full of unfair strawman arguments and leaps in logic with heaps of demagogy designed to make people react emotionally rather than think critically or foster discussion (i.e. stating that because women are present in a game, that players are encouraged to derive pleasure from killing and desecrating them) it’s natural to get upset at such baldfaced misrepresentation.

            Another strawman is in the fact that she says that male NPCs killing female NPCs (which the player is supposed to prevent) in WatchDogs and Red Dead Redemption are an opportunity for the player to watch the violence against women and desensitize them from it. This is garbage, as we know we as players are tasked with PROTECTING these women, not participating in their murders.

            Are we supposed to see these blatant misrepresentations and lies and not decry it? Silence would mean we agree. Freedom of speech is not freedom to slander.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “When that ‘critique’ is full of…”

            Serious question: Have you ever taken a psychology class in your fucking life? Or are you speaking out of your ass?

            I ask this, because time and time again I’ve dealt with people who attack what Anita Sarkeesian said and it quickly become apparent that they are arguing from ignorance.

            I would like to know ahead of time if you are stupid enough to get angry at a subject you know nothing about.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            Why? Do I need a degree to know that she’s lying? Do I need a degree to see that she’s appealing to people’s sense of outrage without justification?

            You’re just trying to ignore the facts because they don’t fit with the story you bought. Plenty of feminists have issues with Sarkeesian’s arguments, but you never hear about them because she wants you to believe that she has the backing of feminists, and only men who want to keep women out of gaming are attacking her.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “Why? Do I need a degree to know that she’s lying?”

            Here’s the thing… If you don’t understand what she’s saying, then you can’t claim she is lying.

            For instance, you talked about Watch Dogs and Red Dead Redemption and you claimed what she said is garbage. You think she’s wrong based on… YOUR FUCKING IGNORANCE.

            This is like a creationist saying evolution is obviously wrong, because the eye is irreducibly complex. This argument might make sense, if you’ve never taken a biology course. But it falls apart as soon as you know the details of the evolution of the eye.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            So, you think that women are placed in those game worlds as NPCs just so that the player can kill them, and enjoy watching them die, even thought the game PENALIZES you for killing them, and REWARDS you for saving them? Maybe games shouldn’t have women in them at all then based on that logic.

            She then goes on to describe the rather graphic death animations in Tomb Raider to have sprung from misogyny, which we know is garbage because games have to have fail conditions. Another strawman of hers is the Mass Effect series where she states that FemShep is a Ms. Male because the male Shepard DOESN’T have a prefix denoting his sex, explicitly making the Male the default. Cursory googling would have brought her to people who refer to the Male Shepard as “ManShep.”

            She also ignores the fact that the vast majority of Mass Effect players PREFER FemShep, because they feel the actress that does her voice work adds depth and humanity to her character.

            She either just doesn’t do her research or doesn’t care. Both are horrible.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            She also forgets that FemShep is a fan construction.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “So, you think that women are placed in those game worlds as NPCs… game PENALIZES you for killing them, and REWARDS you for saving them?”

            And what is the penalty for killing them? Loss of points. … In a game where the points literally don’t matter. You can even hide the body to get those points back. If you are going for one particular achievement, killing them would be bad. That’s it.

            You could kill every civilian in that game and it wouldn’t change the plot one bit. (However, the only characters you see in a sexualized way before killing them are women.)

            That’s what she called the punishment for killing them trivial.

            Oh, and by the way… NPCs are put into games so you can interact with them. The only way to interact with these strippers is to ogle them or kill them. That’s it. If they didn’t want you to do that, you wouldn’t be able to.

            I don’t know if you know this, but video game creators control everything that’s in their games. It isn’t like a movie where it would be impractical to control the color of every car that is seen on a road, for instance. If it is in the game, it was put there intentionally. (Barring a glitch, obviously.)

            For instance… in EA’s sports line, you can’t do dirty hits. In NHL, you can’t intentionally swing your stick to hit a guy in the face. It has happened in the real NHL, but it is not possible in the game. Had they allowed you to do that, then they would be explicitly condoning that action within the video game.

            “She then goes on to describe the rather graphic death animations in Tomb
            Raider to have sprung from misogyny, which we know is garbage because
            games have to have fail conditions.”

            … Are you seriously arguing the only way to have a fail condition in Tomb Raider was to have the exact death animations?

            That is literally the only interpretation that makes sense.

            “Cursory googling would have brought her to people who refer to the Male Shepard as ‘ManShep.'”

            “She also ignores the fact that the vast majority of Mass Effect players PREFER FemShep…”

            If that’s true… why did the distributor focus so much on the male version in their advertising?

            It’s almost like Anita Sarkeesian was talking about the company who made the fucking game and not the fan reaction.

            Game companies can control what they do more than they can control fan reaction.

            The Male version was clearly advertised as the default.

            “She either just doesn’t do her research or doesn’t care. Both are horrible.”

            Either you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about, because you don’t have the background education to analyze what she said. Or you do know what she said and you are lying.

            Both are horrible, but we both know it is the first one.

          • Mordecai Hunter

            What? You can’t get those points back. What points? In the games I mentioned you gain notoriety, and people treat you differently as a murderer than they do as a hero. For example law enforcement will shoot you on sight. It wouldn’t change the plot, but it makes things more difficult, and it makes certain side missions inaccessible.

            So Tomb Raider’s death animations fot Laura are graphic. So what? so are Issac Clarke’s from Dead Space, Leon Kennedy’s from Resident Evil, Daniel Lamb’s from ManHunt, Joel from The Last of Us, anyone Kratos kills, none of these are accused of being misandric. Why is that?

            “EA’s sports line, you can’t do dirty hits … Had they allowed you to do that, then they would be explicitly condoning that action” Nope the only way they’d be condoning that action is if the player didn’t get punished for it. Dirty hits land you punishments IRL. If these punishments were intact in game, you couldn’t possibly say its condoned.

            That game with the strippers (a game I DIDN’T mention BTW) is all about stealth. There is no incentive for the player to ogle or kill the women as that means you fail at stealth, the game’s core mechanic. In stealth games, NPCs are to be avoided, not engaged.

            ” If they didn’t want you to do that, you wouldn’t be able to.” This is a fallacy because falling off a cliff and dying is something you can do in games, but not something that is therefore encouraged by the devs. There are lots of things you can do in games that you shouldn’t, and as a consequence you die, lose points, the game becomes harder, etc. The game’s mechanics ACTIVELY discourage the player from taking these actions through these punishments.It’s disingenuous to suggest the devs want you to do these things that make you fail.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “What? You can’t get those points back. What points? In the games I mentioned…”

            Sorry, I just assumed you were talking about Hitman Absolution. It is such a common lie told about Anita Sarkeesian.

            Watch Dogs is even worse in many ways. You will repeatedly see women attacked and the game punishes you for stopping her from being attacked and if she’s stabbed, you are not given an option to save her life.

            “Why is that?”

            When I read questions like that, I think of, “If we came from monkeys, why are there still monkeys.”

            It sounds smart, if you don’t know what you are talking about. But anyone with any background education immediately knows why that question is stupid.

            “Nope the only way they’d be condoning that action is if the player didn’t get punished for it.”

            “What good is half a wing?”

            This is why I asked if you had any background education. I didn’t want to have to explain stuff I learned in university.

            “This is a fallacy because falling off a cliff and dying is something you
            can do in games, but not something that is therefore encouraged by the

            You are comparing fail states to things that have zero long-term impact on the game.

            In one of the Sonic games, if you don’t move for long enough, Sonic commits suicide. The developers put that in the game, because they were hoping someone would see it.

            Everything you can do in the game is put there intentionally. If the developers didn’t want you to ogle the strippers, they wouldn’t have put them in there. Putting them in there and giving you trivial punishments is not the same as saying the developers didn’t want you do to it.

            There are stealth games where if you kill a civilian, you have to start the level over. That’s real punishment.

            Hell, if you kill too many people in Dishonored, the game becomes more difficult in later levels. At least in that game, there are real consequences

          • Mordecai Hunter

            You know what? Fine. I give up because it’s clear that you’ll make up anything to prove your point, something you no doubt have learned from Sarkeesian. In-game punishment and fail states are “half a wing?” Garbage. You win. You can feel safe in your delusions. I will try no longer to disabuse you.

          • TrollingThunder

            Jesus, dude. I know you vomited this garbage all over the comment section seven months ago, but I’m just now coming across it and I literally want to beat the shit out of you. I won’t say anything intelligent because you only accept something as intelligent if it fits into your hugbox. I would just really like to beat on you for awhile.

          • CSStrowbridge

            And this is why GamerGate lost.

          • TrollingThunder

            “GamerGate lost” because I want to beat the shit out of you? Interesting theory.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            @disqus_m0N8aMkC8J:disqus @CSStrowbridge:disqus fighting in a comment section does literally nothing beneficial for either of your lives. Play some vidya and relax a little :)

          • TrollingThunder

            Yes, I know. I apologize. Sometimes I just have to get it out. It’s cathartic.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            All good. I just don’t want things to escalate lol.

          • CSStrowbridge

            I telecommute to work. Trust me, I play plenty of video games.

          • CSStrowbridge

            No, you guys lost because your “movement” is filled with deranged lunatics. Worse still, deranged lunatics whose grasp on the science rivals that of creationists’ grasp on biology.

            Anita Sarkeesian gets invited to game studios to talk to developers.

            GamerGate gets called out by name by Canada’s new PM.

            You guys lost. Move on with your lives.

          • TrollingThunder

            I don’t give a shit about Anita Sarkeesian or Canada. Also, there was nothing to “win” or “lose”, and GamerGate was absolutely the catalyst for several changes in ethical policies on large gaming sites.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “I don’t give a shit about Anita Sarkeesian or Canada.”

            Translation: “Fuck facts. I don’t care about the facts.”

            Yeah, I know. That’s why GamerGate lost.

          • TrollingThunder

            Just as I thought, you’re a moron.

            I don’t care about Sarkeesian because she has nothing to do with legitimate journalism, and I don’t live in Canada. For someone that is so pleased with himself over the “death” of GamerGate you sure can’t help but respond to me about it, can you? Move on with your life.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “I don’t care about Sarkeesian because she has nothing to do with legitimate journalism…”

            Game companies think otherwise. They value what she has to say.

            Do they value what you have to say?

            Do they value what any GamerGater has to say?

            “…and I don’t live in Canada.”

            Thank god for that.

            “Move on with your life.”

            You responded to a post I made seven months ago and you think I need to move on with my life.

            Further evidence that GamerGaters are the dumbest people on the planet.

            But please, prove you are a complete loser and respond again.

            I could use the laughter.

          • TrollingThunder

            Here you go. Get yourself a good laugh. I wanted to bring some joy into the misery that is your life.

          • TrollingThunder

            Also, as a Browncoat, you owe it to yourself to play Rebel Galaxy immediately.

          • jlenoconel

            OK, if you don’t expect an intelligent answer, I’ll just tell you to “Go spin.”

          • CSStrowbridge

            “OK, if you don’t expect an intelligent answer…”

            I don’t expect an intelligent answer for the same reason I don’t expect to win the lotto.

          • jlenoconel

            Then why the fuck are you still responding to me? You don’t agree with me, I don’t agree with you, so go on your merry way.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “Then why the fuck are you still responding to me?”

            Because I want an intelligent answer. I don’t think you are capable of giving one.

          • jlenoconel

            No, you don’t think I’m capable of giving you an answer that agrees with your ideology. Go pester someone else.

          • Polarised

            “Gaming culture” has now completely split away from actual gamers if this is the case. I am a born and bred gamer for 25 years (age 32), but I do not give a feck about all this talk of gaming ‘culture’. If I play just about _any_ multiplayer game, racist, sexist and homophobic jibes and insults are just as much the trend as they were 25 years ago. It’s an immature crowd. Always has been, always will be. Social media/justice crew’s attempts to wrap a politically correct social media presence around this is a joke. This entire topic is a fucking joke. Get rid of the PC undertones. Stop trying to rebrand gaming.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “Get rid of the PC undertones.”

            Translation: “I want to be racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. and not have people complain.”

            Go fuck yourself.

            You are a dinosaur and your kind is dying out.

      • jlenoconel

        No, that’s bullshit. Its a shield to say that people like Anita and Brianna can’t use black, gay, female, and other minority groups to push for censorship and other dumb progressive bullshit in video games. These people are trying to destroy a free market industry and are using a victim complex to do it. Get your facts straight.

        • CSStrowbridge

          “Get your facts straight.”

          I’ve seen the fucking chatlogs where NotYourShield was created.

          I have my facts straight.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            Everyone keeps bringing up these mythical chat logs, I’d love to know which ones they’re referencing, because all accounts I’ve seen vary widely from the actual IRC from the time.


          • Mordecai Hunter

            The way it was created is irrelevant if there are real people behind those accounts who want their voice heard.

          • CSStrowbridge

            “The way it was created is irrelevant…”

            Bullshit. The people who made NotYourShield talked about purging transsexuals in the very thread where they created that hashtag. If you use it, then you are choosing to associate with those sentiments.

            “…who want their voice heard.”

            If they wanted to be heard, they would speak without using the hashtag that was designed to be a shield for horrible people.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            Here’s the thread where it was created – https://archive.moe/v/thread/261343810/#261347271
            If you do a ctrl+f for ‘nigg’ you only get the 4Chan use of the word, and no decrying of the actual hashtag.

          • CSStrowbridge

            From that tread: “Trannies are literally abominations though. They need to be purged”

            “And obviously, some people agreed with that…”

            The loudest people in GamerGate tend to have really horrible opinions on transgender people.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            Except you can’t be ‘in’ GamerGate. And that those people are ignored or ridiculed.

  • Lars Anderson

    Notice that about five people in the audience laughed at his ‘joke’.

    • Eralun

      Sounded more like a groan to me.

  • spideynut71

    What a bunch of whiny-ass, stupid bltches. If you aren’t smart enough to figure it out for yourselves, I’ll break it down for you: Tim Schafer is a has been, and is on his way out of “the business ; if you just ignore him, you’ll expose him as the irrelevant joke that he is.

  • Mr.Towel

    Am I the only one who thinks Tim Schafer is the George Lucas of video games industry?

    • jlenoconel

      No, because he’s not that big in the grand scheme of things. He’s more like the Da Brat or Jermaine Dupri of video games. Made good records (or games in this case) back in the day, but is a fucking has been nowadays, and most people would struggle to know who the fuck he was, or know what Monkey Island is.

  • WitWolfy

    What the hell is Gamergate, and why should I care?

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      Here’s a look at it from the perspective of when it first started – http://attackongaming.com/gaming-talk/attack-on-gamergate-the-heck-did-we-miss/

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      #GamerGate is a consumer revolt on Twitter in which it has worked to bring to light the injustices of the industry and put them to bed once and for all. anybody outside of it or against it will give you a different story. just go onto the twitter feed for it and you’ll see. If you care about the future of the industry, you care about #GamerGate.

  • Clinton Weyand

    FYI, Caucasians in Africa and China are one of the “minorities” in those regions.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      I just think the label is absurd and defeats the purpose of inclusitivity through diversity.

      • Azure

        It’s like the very term Minority and PoC just promotes the racist boundary’s, I swear it is the Political correctness version of Nigger/Paki/Chink etc…
        Why is it so hard just to say Asian, African, Indian, Mexican, Englishman, American etc… It is pure laziness to generalize half the world under one phrase or word.

        • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

          Completely agree. I also think it’s absurd to use the term minority on the internet, considering the internet is borderless. Everbody is a minority on the internet, just the same, everyone is a majority.

          The only time race matters is when someone makes something on the internet a racial thing.

          • wargames83

            “The only time race matters is when someone makes something on the internet a racial thing.”

            You mean like you did when you labeled Tim Schafer’s harmless poke at an aspect of gamer gate as racist?

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            You mean when the joke was targeting racial minorities?

          • wargames83

            Funny how the pro gamer gate side is using the same technique they accuse the anti game gate side of doing. They are using the supposed “minority status” (whatever that means as you yourself ask) of the targets of criticism in order to try to stop the criticism. My interpretation is that the joke, while neither that great in either content or delivery, was painting the gamer gate movement as mostly obnoxious hashtag counter activists, while only a very small part of the group does anything productive.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            You seem to not understand what #NYS actually is, which is leading to your confusion.

          • wargames83

            You don’t understand that he probably used that hashtag because it fit in with the programming armor set-up, and because it is the most well known hashtag associated with Gamer-Gate.

          • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

            It also happens to be the one used by people that claim to be a minority that have had their very existence questioned, ridiculed and otherwise disregarded. Not to mention all of the regular accusations of them being sockpuppets.

      • Clinton Weyand

        I understand your position, but exclusivity is innate human nature. However, bear in mind, labels are what they are – labels.

  • LarZen

    Is it ok if I just say I don’t care?

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral


    • Nonscpo



      you beat me to it. i think that is what tim was getting at also. people are tired of this crap, some people need to get over their self pity and move on.,

    • Zanard Bell

      Yes. Go play some games instead of having to deal with this bullshittery.

      Me? I’m too far gone in the happenings.

  • Edonus

    This is a reach…..

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      Not if you take the history of the tag into account.

  • beestmeel bro

    this article makes less than no sense. also you got all the numbers wrong.

    • http://attackongaming.com/ Gaming Admiral

      I too can make terrible jokes.

    • Mr.Towel

      Wait… what… where in the hell are the numbers?

  • Alex V.

    When will minorities and women understand that if they don’t agree with the progressive bunch they don’t exist!

    • SiliconNooB

      The funny thing is that they claim they don’t exist, yet ask any one of them what they think of Roguestar and…

      • Alex V.

        Roguestar is a salty guy on the internet that’s making a game and uses the word ”fuck” a lot…

    • Mordecai Hunter

      They’re not progressives. They don’t want the tired old stereotype of basement dwelling awkward virgins to go away. They want to keep things exactly the way they are. Progressives want change, these guys don’t.