New Doctor Who Images Confirm John Hurt is the 8th Doctor

p016zpvw We're not ones that normally run these kinds of sensationalist opinions, but, it is pretty much confirmed at this point that John Hurt is playing an older version or a continuation of the Eighth regeneration of The Doctor. We say this only after we've done extensive cross-examination of the costume that John Hurt's incarnation wears against that of the Eighth. It's quite interesting to think about just where this could be heading. The first immediate thing that comes across with this particular incarnation of The Doctor, in terms of his costume, is his long and raggedy coat. If you compare this coat against the one that the Eighth wears, you'll find that it is incredibly similar in design, even if it slightly different. This may just be due to age, or it may be a similar coat as it had been destroyed. As we've seen with a few incarnations of The Doctor, even if the costume changes, the main overall aesthetic usually prevails (such as with 10 and 11), so it is likely that this coat is, at minimum, representative of Eight's signature look.


Digging a bit deeper here, we can see that this version of The Doctor is wearing woolen vest of sometype with six buttons on the front. However, looking even closer, you can clearly see just how patternistically similar it is to the Eighth incarnations. It also has it's chain arranged exactly how the Eighth would have his. The last item of clothing we want to point out is the nick-tie-curtain thing. Whilst it is a bit messy, it is still arranged exactly as the Eight would have his arranged as. This has pretty much confirmed that this is the Eighth incarnation of The Doctor at a later point in his life at this point.

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The only major difference to the costume is that he is clearly wearing the Ninth Doctors Jacket underneath the coat he is wearing. However, this could easily be attributed to circumstance as we've seen that The Doctor is not against changing outfits to suit some situations. The last point we want you to consider is that each Doctor always has a unique look to them. They almost always immediately find new attire after a regenration, and even during a Time War, The Doctor would have had enough downtime or have been crafty enough to find himself a completely new outfit. It is doubtful that any of the Time Lords would have been thrust into battle after battle without a break. And considering how much The Doctor has aged physically and not been killed, he has had ample opportunity to find himself a new signature look to suit a new regeneration. He didn't change look, therefore he did not regenerate. We're quite interested to see what the Doctor Who team will be doing with this particular Doctors story. It's about we get to see some more from the Eighth Doctor. For more comparison material, check out the latest gallery of Doctor Who images from the BBC.
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  • Austin Daniel Byrnes

    yeah.. you shouldn’t post rumors and opinions unless you want to be laughed at afterwards.

    • Gaming Admiral

      We’re completely fine with being wrong. And hey, we were wrong here.

      We presented what we believed was solid evidence to back up our assertion that he was an older version of the 8th Doctor, but it turns out we were wrong. We’d rather be laughed at for having an opinion than getting by without having one.

      • Nenya

        It was a pretty good speculation going on the data you had at the time, honestly! And it’s absolutely true that they were telling a story with the clothing–War Doctor’s costume IS definitely unusual in being so close to both Eight’s and Nine’s. I do almost think of him as sort of still Eight, despite the regeneration. He’s Eight’s idea of a warrior, I guess. But nobody expected Paul McGann! 😀

        • Gaming Admiral

          Thanks Nenya 🙂
          Completely agree with you!