Kindred Spirits On The Roof Review (Adult Content Warning)

Kindred Spirits on the Roof was quite the surprise. Developed by Liar-soft and published in English by MangaGamer, Kindred Spirits on the Roof tells the story of two female ghosts who died without experiencing sex for the first time, mainly because they died at different times. With the help of a student, the trio bring together various women in order for the two ghosts to learn how two women have sex. Despite the premise, the story happens to be great, The characters are interesting, the art style is nice and the music is enjoyable. However, it does have a few issues.

The visual novel revolves around Toomi Yuna, a second year student at Kokonotsuboshi Girls’ Academy of Commerce. During lunch time on the roof, Yuna encounters two ghosts, Enoki Sachi and Nagatami Megumi. These two ghosts happen to be in love with each other, but are left in the mortal world because they haven’t experienced physical love. The kindred spirits in question ask Yuna to help them achieve such a feat by fostering love around the school so they can gain an insight on how two girls make love. Yuna is at first reluctant, but she does eventually agree, becoming a “yuri cupid” of sorts.

So the premise sounds like it comes from a pornographic film. However, the manner the subject is tackled is anything but. The story follows Yuna’s efforts to bring together some very unique and different couples. It’s handled, though, with such maturity. Sex isn’t used as a vehicle for the plot, but it is the end goal. However, it’s the gradual building of a relationship between the different pairings that becomes the focus. They’re well written emotional rollercoasters filled with a realistic depiction of a developing relationship. Unfortunately, the player is only there for the ride. There will be points of the game where there will be a choice available, but it effects very little. In fact, it was a little disappointing not to at least control the direction of the narrative, a choice given in other visual novels. The stories all offer different points of view, including the main scenario. This was a nice touch as it provided different perspectives during one of the narratives throughout the game.

Like the story, the characters are well done. Yuna is great as the main character during this building of a yuritopia at school, as described as Sachi. She has the personality traits of a loner but she does have a couple of friends. As the story progresses, she begins to change, opening up a little bit more. Outside of that, she does have a caring nature, since she does decide to help the ghosts achieve their ultimate goal. The two ghosts, Sachi and Megumi, are polar opposites, but it’s said polar opposites often attract each other. Sachi is calm, mature, assertive and focused while Megumi is energetic, exerts jealously and care free. The chemistry between the three main characters is actually quite strong, despite some hurdles between Megumi and Yuna. As for the different couples, they’re hit and miss. Some of them were a joy to watch their relationships while others could have been written better.

When the game’s premise is about two female ghosts who want to make love to each other, so to learn, they get a student to play cupid for other women, there is going to be scenes of an adult nature. Yes, there are nude scenes in the visual novel. However, these aren’t explicit or gratitutious in nature.In fact, they all serve a purpose and that is to bring everything together. All of the couple’s narratives are built towards having sex, but the sex scenes are done in a mature manner. Also, they’re not full on sex scenes. Only breasts are actually shown, no genitalia.

The art style is quite nice. The background art and scenes look very nice. They’re detailed and colourful, reflecting the nature of the story. The character models are well detailed as well. It was a nice touch giving them different expressions. As for the music, there is around a dozen tracks, not including the opening and closing themes. While they’re great tracks, because there is a limited amount of tracks to choose from, some tracks seem inappropriate to play. It’s nice, though, that there is an option to listen to the soundtrack when the player is on the planner screen. There is a voice track as well, but it doesn’t cover the whole game, only certain scenes. It’s disappointing as it should be all voiced or none at all. With what was available, it was decent enough. With that said, there were some performance issues. At times, the text would stutter as it scrolled across the screen, not smoothly as it should be. After resetting the game, it goes back to normal.

All in all, Kindred Spirits On The Roof was quite the surprise. Being a male, there is a sense that males are not the expected target audience. But this visual novel can be enjoyed by everyone. The story is great, some of the characters are well written, the art style is beautiful and the music is enjoyable. Of course, it’s a little disappointing to see a lack of choice in the game and there was some performance issues, but it’s an excellent visual novel that’s worth recommending.

Rating: 8/10

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  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Such a stupid game with such a stupid premise… I still can’t believe people recommend this stupid VN.

    • Gaming Admiral

      This VN is targeted very specifically at Japanese lesbians. As we noted in the review, you may not have enjoyed it as much if you didn’t fit that audience.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        And yet it has met success just because of the censorship boundaries it pushes on Steam. It wouldn’t have gotten away with it if it were a yaoi or straight romance game, no way.

        • Gaming Admiral

          Or, judging by the positive reviews, people actually liked it and you’re the one that’s wrong.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            Nah, that’s just them getting SJW points for “tackling a hard issue,” or, more accurately, cashing in on extreme supporters. Same thing with Gone Home, one of the worst games I’ve ever played which somehow has a good Metacritic score.

            People “liked” it as a way of showing that they’re TOTALLY NOT HOMOPHOBES, YOU GUYS, that isn’t a sign of good quality. It’s pandering, cashing in on a hot topic and a small subset of very loud, very opinionated people. Also, anyone who dislikes these games is a sexist racist homophobe, am I right?

            Right. Trash games are trash games, and this is certainly one.

          • Gaming Admiral

            M8, it’s a game pandering almost purely towards a lesbian audience. This isn’t the only game of its type that has come out of Japan. And the Japanese games industry is notoriously anti-SJW. SJW pandering doesn’t make money, and to the Japanese, if it doesn’t make money, they won’t adopt it.

            It’s like you’re angry at something that you’ve convinced yourself as existing, when in actuality, it does not.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            I think you misread me.

            I’m angry at it because reviewers here in the West are giving it a ton of brownie points for supporting an SJW cause, even though the story sounds horrifically retarded. That’s totally fair.

          • Gaming Admiral

            Be angry at the retards that think this is an SJW game, instead of the people that like it for what it is.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            Good advice. Dumb of me to lash out on the game when it isn’t intended as some SJW statement. It sucks that loads of critics throw support its way because of a perceived SJW pandering thing, but again, you’re totally right, not the original writers’ intention.

          • Gaming Admiral

            I can understand your frustration completely! SJW pandering (from other sites) is one of the many reasons we opened this place up.

          • Nicholas Gatewood

            In that case, maybe I’ll come back here more often.

            Earlier today, Disqus had a poll asking what gaming site is the best, among a list of around a dozen. I wasn’t sure which one to choose, since I’m totally on the anti-censorship, pro-journalistic integrity team, and most gaming sites have picked a side on the GG thing.

            So I did a quick Google search of some of the ones that I remember liking in the past(like Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer and Polygon), and oh my god, I couldn’t find any that were sane and reasonable. I ended up picking Niche Gamer since that didn’t sound very “bought off,” and they had the vast majority of the votes.

            Anyways, point is, I’ve been having trouble finding good gaming sites that share my “screw political correctness and fear-mongering” opinion, and I’m glad to hear that you guys are on the sane, rational team.

          • Gaming Admiral

            We’re also huge fans of Niche Gamer, they’re a great crew! Check out some of our feature articles and reviews to see if were a compatible source.

    • MrAmokz

      Lol. so much butthurt.

      • Nicholas Gatewood

        Mad butthurt, yo. Hurts to see absolute trash succeed. Makes me not wanna put effort toward the betterment of mankind.